Be Careful When Repurposing Your Blogger Blog After Moving To Self-Hosted WordPress!

So, you had a good time with your self-hosted WordPress site,–writing fictional stories, news articles, and maybe some reviews. But you just left your Blogger Blog behind, and no posts to update. Well, you had a plan to repurpose your Blogger blog to write your personal stories, along with personal thoughts… you are monetizing your content all right, but you had trouble with Blogger itself because, Blogger dictates what content is accepted to monetize. By design, Blogger doesn’t allow any adult content to be monetized under any circumstances. This is the sign of content discrimination. Blogger,–owned by Google has too much of their dictatership. Some of their policies are vague, and in some cases, deletion of your blog can lead you to losing your contents. Sometimes… their spam-fighting technology often fails. But self-hosted blogs and sites are built to last,–if you still pay bills for your servers hosted via a company.

Since Blogger is the oldest product what Google has owned since years ago. Google has started implementing policies to govern the use of their service, or platform… You were about to write long posts about your fictional stories that are NOT adult in nature, but family-friendly. You have to be very careful when writing fictional stories. Here’s what I just did to protect myself from getting my Blogger blog deleted:

  • Write extremely long posts to enable search engine crawlers to index my content.
  • Written new content with longer posts. This is necessary to keep my content fresh… I often edit older posts to fix some of these paragraphs, tables, formatting, and other code.
  • Monitor my blog for possible comment spam, broken widgets, and broken code.
  • Edit pages, and other content.
  • adjusted and edited color schemes.

When repurposing your Blogger blog… always write relevant content what you created yourself. For example; you created a status blog for your self-hosted website. You created a subdomain, to let your users know about your current status about your self-hosted site. But some people has used Blogger as a “fallback” platform to backup their contents. But there’s ways to backup your website,–if your site ever goes down. But most Blogger blogs are NOT designed for this. That’s when Blogger has deleted these blogs,–classifying them as spam blogs.


If you are writing an erotic blog… you can’t monetize it. Most erotic bloggers has their rights infringed by Blogger’s vague policies. Vague policies can be defective!

Blogger Doesn’t Offer Any PayWall Services For Your Blog/Site

I really wanted a paywall to enable users to subscribe to any of my premium posts what they wanted to read,–as an alternative to viewing ads when reading posts on Blogger. This is the top flaw what Blogger has been carrying for years! And their platform gone worse, and worse. YouTube has this feature, but discrimination is still common.

Blogger hasn’t make it easier for erotic bloggers to monetize their content without ads by using a paywall that will prevent children from viewing erotic content. That can also allow advertisers to keep their ads out of erotic blogs/sites. But Blogger is actually violating their own TOS. This is the sign of corruption! Corruption is bad for your business… even hosting companies get be corrupted too, but this is natural. No matter what policies what you had as you run your platform for your users. You should NEVER EVER whine about ads or paywalls on erotic blogs/sites. Paywalls are the common alternatives to advertising, sponsorships, and paid insertions. The New York Times, and other news-based sites has implemented subscriptions to enable people to read content without ads. That can save advertisers some money on promoting their content and services.

Why Paywalls?

Without paywalls; ads will be flooding our TV sets, computers, and other devices. They’re be no premium posts on blogs/sites, no premium content on TV, and no premium movies to watch,–and even no web-hosting services that are premium.

These are the reasons why we need paywalls:

  • Offer premium services.
  • Offer subscriptions/memberships.
  • Product purchases and purchase of services for your home… such as cable; and other services.
  • Run phone services.

I thought Blogger has a special feature to implement a paywall. But you have to rely on a soft paywall program, and you have to create an account, and fill out required forms, and get your site approved for using a soft paywall. Google Consumer Surveys is the soft paywall program that requires you to have an AdSense account to use this program. But AdSense has dictatership too!

Having a paywall on my Blogger blog was important for me because, that enables me to have paid subscribers as an alternative to advertisements. I heard of third party paywall programs out there, but these programs will NOT work for my Blogger blog. And I have to hunt for a program that will work with Blogger, but I have no luck.

Blogger Is Defective By Design

Sometimes… Blogger gadgets or widgets can break overtime,–due to code embedded with copy-protection to inhibit fair-use illegally. Sometimes… third party widget producers often spy on users, and violate their privacy rights! However; the Free-Software Foundation hasn’t investigated Blogger gadgets, and Blogger itself just yet… this is the longest wait what we ever! Many Blogger users didn’t even know they’re being spied by advertisers from these widgets. And no action was taken to stop the spying act that is taking up bandwith of our sites, and our internet services what we use.

No rotating ad slots to rotate ads for easy monetization

AdRotate is only available for WordPress users… this free plugin enables you to use multiple ad networks at once without cluttering your website. Blogger doesn’t have this feature because, they’re built to host content with a fixed system. For example; you had an ad above your post, and you were writing about caring for rabbits, mice, rats, and even your goats. You were using few ads inside your post, but you had to alternate between each ad network per each category. But you had only 2 ads on your post, and an ad one your sidebar. You don’t want to clutter your site with ads. This is a serious problem when you use multiple ad networks.

You need to rely on smaller ads to fit all of these ads in one sidebar, or 2 ads at the top of your post, and at the bottom.

No Built-In Privacy Policy Page Generator/Inserter

If you were relying on a third party site to create these pages; most likely Blogger doesn’t have this feature. In fact… Blogger requires you to have this page if you were about to monetize your website.

What You Should Do?

Always switch to a reputable web-hosting service of choice. These companies wanted to host a site on their servers for you. Be sure to start off with a shared hosting plan,–then grow to a higher hosting plan. Be considerate before you ever monetize your website,–just like I did!

Don’t do any business with Google Adsense… try to keep your erotic blog away from children as you can. At minimum… create a non-erotic blog, and implement a donate button on your website.

Don’t publish pornography.

Write ebooks, and publish them as high-priced erotic content instead of hosting erotic content on Blogger.

If you continued to use Blogger… try to keep your blog as clean as possible.

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