Blind Webmasters And the Attack of the Typosquatters

Spoofed, defrauded, ripped off, hijacked,and loss of reputation. This is the norm of these nitorious typosquatters who were responsible for targeting the blind webmasters who were running their websites or blogs with a professional domain. Since typosquatters take advantage of blind webmasters who were susceptible to fraud, unlawful copyright claims, unlawful trademark claims, unlawful patent claims, copyfraud, unlawful censorship, silencing of fair-use, silence of freedom of speech, and more. Whether if these blind webmasters who rely on shared hosting plans via a hosting company in question. Most of these hosting providers don’t have any special features for the blind. Most blind site owners prefer to have their domains protected against fraud. But the problem is most blind users are unbanked.

If you thought of renewing your domain be any worse? Think again!! Many blind webmasters has their domains stolen by hijackers. These hijackers has been stealing domains from blind users. They can range from people who write entertaining content, provide tricks for living without vision, and more. Many blind users who spend money on renewing domains each year, and paying bills like usual. Being a webmaster isn’t just for people with vision… its for everyone. These online hijackers are the online bullies who wanted to take your domain, and unlawfully distribute porn on your website. This is a worse nightmare for blind site owners.


There is no such law that protect blind webmasters from being targeted by these fraudsters and hijackers.

If you ever use any tool to search for typo domains of your domain… you can see lots of these typos what hijackers use for hijacking your domains what you own. But the catch is… you need to spend more money to purchase, and park these domains. However; this is the known form of financial barriers what blind webmasters may experience.

Blogs written by blind blog owners who rely on their custom domains via free blogging platforms, or paid hosting services has their sites in ruins, has their URLs stolen, and even snatched,–all without any warnings to many domain registration services.

These hijackers come from foreign countries that are sanctioned by the USA. These greedy hijackers has been stealing domains for years.

There’s no such special billing for the blind site owners to have their billing accounts run with automated billing for the blind that will prevent late payments from happening. The ADA has been requiring many companies to comply with all accessibility laws in the USA. But special monetization hasn’t been established,–due to ad networks that don’t offer any form of monetization that is simple. If it did; that will enable blind webmasters to pay for special services to keep their domains protected against typosquatting.

Everytime we start building our new website… we make a choice. Choose to protect yourself from these typosquatters who were trying to hijack your domain, and cause your customers to be defrauded by fraudsters.

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