Are There Really “Web Nomads”?

Some Webmasters are trying to find a reputable hosting company who cares about our planet. And many webmasters has been bringing all of their backed up data with them as they move from one host to the another. That applies to website owners who constantly move from one host to the another when searching for a reputable host, or migrating from one free service to the another as their websites grow bigger and bigger. Like normal nomads, they move constantly, and they don’t stay put… they go places. Usually you start off with relying on a free blogging platform such as: Blogger. Or you wanted to start off with a free version of WordPress hosted by a company who hosts WordPress for you without needing to do all of the technical work. If you are searching for a free hosting service,–before opting for a paid hosting service, you are most likely a “web nomad”! These online nomads like these can virtually move their content from one site to the another overtime.

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Which Should I Choose To Present Content… Static Html Files Or Use CMS?

So, you are deciding on using a CMS like WordPress or you wanted to just drop in your html files for your website. Those are multiple ways to display content on your website. Sometimes, it may affect how much storage what you will take up overtime. And sometimes, your space on your server gets crowded with some of these SQL files. These files can take up more space than a static html file can take.

If you can take a closer look of your site’s disk space, via your control panel, you can see why your hosting provider has set your storage via your hosting plan. These hosting plans are set by a company,–so they can set special uses for your website. For this instance, you host a text-adventure gaming site for your gamers who are blind, most of these games don’t use graphics, but text on their browsers. Most of these games are implemented with a group of html files linked, or a JS file that tells an html page what to do. Javascript files are useful for programming text-based games, and they don’t need databases to display content, and they don’t take up processor power.

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Create A Subdomain For Your Text Adventure Games Writtin In HTML

Many blind website owners are creating text-based games without any images, or images what they’ve taken after creating them with a help of a pro. However; text-based games that are written in html format,–rather than php and sql has been popping up recently. Since this game format. This game was coming back from the dead, and the gaming community believe text-based games use less power than graphic-based games.

However; some people are tired of relying on directories that are too long to share to social-networking sites. A possible solution is to create a subdomain for your games like This is useful if you wanted to host your own games without needing to rely on directories, or third party hosts who only support static content with limited storage.

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Tired of Setting Up A Multinetwork Via WordPress? You can Have Multiple Instances Of WordPress

Many site owners via any web-hosting services has been relying on a multinetwork plugin to create a multinetwork. For this instance, you wanted to have a dedicated subdomain where you can implement an action center, or other sections of your site via directories. This is useful if you wanted to enable users to read content that is published on each site that is relevant, and you wanted to manage a directory-based multisite. However; you can still export your content, and you can import content to your new instance of wordpress, but you may need to reconfigure your site after that.

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Website Owners & Their Therapy Animals

Some website owners have therapy animals… most therapy animals help website owners cope with abusive incidents since years ago. This is why our society appears to be broken! Most therapy animals reduce possible affects of common psychieatric issues, depression, etc.

Website owners are most likely to lose focus when developing common types of sites, such as: gaming sites, video sites, image galleries, forums, and more. That’s why there are too many people who own therapy animals.

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