Draft2Digital Ebooks Needs To Be Unique & Informative

Many Draft2Digital users publish content everyday. But newly signed up users has a question that isn’t found on Draft2Digital’s FAQ page on their site.

Why should my book should be unique, and informative?

Everyday, new books are published on the webm and at the library. That means… there are an array of books what you can choose if you were a reader who is interested of reading them. However, you were not satisfied of their content what they offer. You decided to write your own book. As you get started with writing… you create something new.

You written a book, and you gave it a title. But you were busy scraping public domain content, and claiming copyright to this public domain content. This is one example of copyfraud! This is a bad reputation because, this is not the way you make your ebook unique. Making your ebook unique requires you to use your imagination, and your creative ability.

As you write new sories what readers has never heard of… you are creating something new! This is one example of your book being born,–after publishing.

If our books are the same,–due to content scrapers… that can cause other authors to lose reputation, and revenue of their content. Most pirates duplicate content to cause authors to lose their reputation. But don’t join these troop of pirates who were NOT making ebooks unique.

As you scrape content from public domain content… you claim copyright to it.

As you claim copyright to all of the public domain content… you publish it to Draft2Digital.

As you publish your book to Draft2Digital… you price it as $9.99.

As you price your book… you rake in your revenu to your banking account after taxes.

As you rake in your revenue… you join a troop of copyright trolls,–making lots of money.

As you joined these trolls… you bring down posters for the movies.

As you bring down posters… you defraud anyone’s copyright liv and dead.

As you defraud anyone’s copyright (copyfraud)… you land in a slammer with other copyfraudsters. Don’t land into a slammer with copyfraudsters, and create interesting and unique ebooks from scratch!

Duplicate ebooks can also cause spam levels to go up. It’s kind of like flooding books in the library with same titles with different authors. It can be difficult for you to find the right book. One wrong book can lead you to reading a spam book, or maybe a “spambook”.

To prevent your ebook from becoming spam… always create with a strategic plan, and think twice before you ever use public domain content. Never the less… don’t just use Creative Commons licensed as is… always do 75% original work what you were creating from scratch. If you create harder, your book will be unique as possible.

Don’t scrape anyone’s content from other ebooks. Most pirates do this to cause problems like this… that can lead you to serious trouble, or worse. Well, copyfraudsters should be removed from our internet,–due to these trolls who were illegally receiving bribes from many corporations.

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