Draft2Digital Ebooks & the Attack of the Pirates on Google Play Books

This is the post what Google Play Books don’t want you to read! This post criticizes Google Play Books,–due to high levels of piracy. If you recently distribute your content to Google Play Books, stop where you are at as a stopping-point and read this post,–before you add more content to Google Play Books.

You believed Google Play Takes Copyright Seriously?

Many of the authors has been ripped-off by these pirates who are using any of the authors’ names to make it difficult for some authors to have their legitimate content read. That applies to authors, and publishers who enable DRM on their ebooks, but DRM makes their publishing strategy worse. Even pirated ebooks are DRM-protected. And that’s the worse nightmare for some authors who are trying to rely on Google Play Books to publish their work.

Although; it’s time for a copyright reform. But our copyright system was still broken. Although if you licensed your content under Creative Commons attribution, your content is safe to reuse. But pirates still might enable DRM on your work that is being reused. According to Creative Commons; you should NOT apply technological measures to any of the reused content/characters/music/images or any other content types. TV show creators… especially big content businesses should NOT rely on strong restrictions that prevent Creative Commons licensed content from appearing on screens. If you left DRM off your content, and you stated your books are in the public domain internationally; you can still make money with your public domain content.

Many of the authors who publish to Google Play Books directly has shut their accounts with a hard slam. If you are an author who relies on Draft2Digital, or any other self-publishing platform, you might need to publish your content carefully! And Be sure to search for your content that is being pirated. For example you search for your books by inputting your ISBN in the search box. You might need to go from sight to sight, and it may take some time to find them.

What to Do?

Survival Always Goes First

Try offering your ebooks under a Creative Commons license I recommend BY-SA (international) because, that enables anyone to use a same license. If you want to do this… follow these steps below:

  1. Edit your source content with your favorite text editor of choice.
  2. Go to Creative Commons license, and choose a license that is text-based.
  3. Copy the license at the copyright page.
  4. Republish your content as you turn off DRM.
  5. At your website/blog, create a post, and let readers know you are offering DRM-Free content with a CC license as a way to let them know about your situation of publishing content.
  6. Say good-bye to DRM forever.
  7. Check if your content will be purchased by anyone.
  8. If your problem has been resolved… you are done.

You can go to the Google Play Partner Forums, and send a feature request to make it easier to combat piracy, that applies to DRM-protected ebooks. DRM-free ebooks are less likely to be pirated. Ask Google to Develop their very-own DRM system,–instead of relying on Adobe’s DRM system. Such as varified download system,–after the DRM-enabled ebooks are purchased. Google Play Books that are DRM-enabled rely on conventional ACSM files to protect ebooks with DRM. However, the Free Software Foundation has condemned used of DRM as unnecessary. And it can hurt the environment. That’s the another danger of DRM what some authors, and publishers has encountered.

You can manually file copyright complaints, but do this with caution.

Delist your books, or sue Google Play Books altogether! But WATCH OUT; some court systems are corrupted,–due to lobbyism.

Oyster has already used hard DRM for DRM-enabled ebooks.

The Brutal Criticism of Google Play

Google Play has been nothing more than a playground for pirates. Well, they removed the books what the pirates had uploaded. But they are still trying to get their powerful ships stalled, but many authors are trying to get their content off the ground.

Google Play Books has billions of tons of pirated content on their book store. Most of these pirates has laundered money from Google Play Books. And many customers didn’t even know they purchased pirated DRM-enabled books that are sold by these pirates. In my opinion; Google Play Books’s content policy isn’t helping at all. Their policies has became deceptive, and they’ve laundered copyright policies to make it worse for the publishers, and authors to rely on their service.

Many of the pirated books contain links to viruses, and other malware,–including trojan horses and rootkits.

High levels of copyfraud, condoning misuse of copyright, and other rights. And they didn’t even mention anything about copyright reform.! Like Scribd, there’s high levels of pirated books. And these pirates are literally polluting the search engines around the world. You heard of a term “Don’t Be Evil!“… but there’s lots of problems with Google itself. It’s kind of like being at sea with lots of pirate ships,–carrying lots of pirated books. These ships are so strong; they can withstand the blast of a torpedo!! But they don’t stop me from publishing new content. I always take caution when publishing books.

These pirate ships has relied on environment-polluting fuels to stall the authors’ ability to publish content. Many of their servers has been overloaded with pirated ebooks,–causing a new form of Denial of Service Attack!

Think twice before you choose Google Play as your next vendor for your content.

CC BY-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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