Blind Webmasters And the Attack of the Typosquatters

Spoofed, defrauded, ripped off, hijacked,and loss of reputation. This is the norm of these nitorious typosquatters who were responsible for targeting the blind webmasters who were running their websites or blogs with a professional domain. Since typosquatters take advantage of blind webmasters who were susceptible to fraud, unlawful copyright claims, unlawful trademark claims, unlawful patent claims, copyfraud, unlawful censorship, silencing of fair-use, silence of freedom of speech, and more. Whether if these blind webmasters who rely on shared hosting plans via a hosting company in question. Most of these hosting providers don’t have any special features for the blind. Most blind site owners prefer to have their domains protected against fraud. But the problem is most blind users are unbanked.

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Draft2Digital Ebooks & the Attack of the Pirates on Google Play Books

This is the post what Google Play Books don’t want you to read! This post criticizes Google Play Books,–due to high levels of piracy. If you recently distribute your content to Google Play Books, stop where you are at as a stopping-point and read this post,–before you add more content to Google Play Books.

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Applying DRM to your ebooks can pollute our environment? Yes it will in my opinion!

Some authors didn’t even understand. If you apply DRM to your books; you’re actually causing damage to our environment. Millions of DRM-enabled ebooks can cause global warming to speed up, and cause our towns to be flooded by sea water. If you are an activist who care about saving the environment, consider turning off DRM for your ebooks. DRM-free ebooks are less likely to pollute our environment.

Applying DRM is not for me because, if you are applying DRM to your books; you’re supporting dirty fuels, and you can produce millions of tons of carbon per day. It’s kind of like blasting smoke from the coal-burning plant that is used to generate power. And you also support mining for coal, and removal of mountain tops,–causing our clean water supply to be unusable, and at risk of toxic damage,–caused by a coal-burning plant.

Almost everyone rely on DRM for protecting their content, but this form of protection can lead to damages to our planet. For example; drilling for oil in the cold section of our planet up north. Many people wanted to stop the drilling rigs from harming our vital environment for these amazing animals who lived in the super cold conditions.

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E-book Authors & the Earnings Issues

Some authors didn’t even understand! It takes lots of time for your books to be discovered. But they’re trying to startup their earnings stream, but they are doing it the wrong way. Although; I’m always editing, and writing new books on the web. Publishing more books after you are done writing a new one can take some time. Some authors can write 1 book up to a year,–depending on their book what they’re writing.

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