E-book Authors & the Earnings Issues

Some authors didn’t even understand! It takes lots of time for your books to be discovered. But they’re trying to startup their earnings stream, but they are doing it the wrong way. Although; I’m always editing, and writing new books on the web. Publishing more books after you are done writing a new one can take some time. Some authors can write 1 book up to a year,–depending on their book what they’re writing.

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Don’t Cry/Whine Over Your Content Being Used Under Fair-Use

That’s right! There are crybabies everywhere around the world,–crying over their intellectual property being stolen, causing their revenue to go down, and lose market value of their work. However, what critics are doing is fair-use… That’s what some people didn’t even understand at all. All of that whining and crying,–along with filing takedown notices doesn’t solve your problems; it makes it worse… one wrong move may lead your corporation susceptible to lawsuits, and corporate accountability,–and in some cases… forfeiture of your copyrights, trademarks, and even your trade-secrets. Once your copyrights are taken away from you, you can’t get it back! It doesn’t matter how big is your business is, or how famous your characters are,–or even how neat your content is. Fair-use doesn’t do anything bad to your business, your reputation, your revenue, or your assets.

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Blind Webmasters & the Attack Of Google AdSense Account Terminations That Are Unlawful In Nature… Possible Dangers Of Using AdSense!

There’s no feature that will prevent blind users from viewing their own ads on their websites, and block “spam clicks from inflating total ad clicks, and they don’t have a function to block spam impressions from affecting the advertiser’s ads displayed on websites where blind site owners monetize content. This is a nightmare waiting to happen for all blind webmasters who were monetizing content on their websites.

Okay, if you don’t know what Google AdSense is… its an ad provider that enables you to monetize content on your website. It was used by everyday people from all over the world,–except for certain countries that were sanctioned by the USA. However, if you were an individual who is blind and you were just busy monetizing your site, and write new content, and you discovered your content has no ads anymore… most likely Google AdSense has unlawfully banned your account. This is a common problem what we ever had today. Filing for an appeal is misleading, and that can cause you to be screwed by AdSense itself. This ad provider has been neglecting individuals for many years,–after it was established. Some people don’t like ads by Google because, they track your activity, and spy on your browsing activity, or in some cases, malware.

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Chromevox Still Stall and stutter when writing long posts with over 4000 words

For… the past years; I figured out why Chromevox is still stalling when writing long posts that contains over 4000 words. I’ve been figuring out why Chromevox still stalls when writing extremely long posts via self-hosted WordPress, Blogger, Bandcamp, Editpad, Google+, and other text-editing programs. If you were using Chromevox,–even the newer version… WATCH OUT… stalling still occurs,–not limited to typing fast, but typing slowly. If you’re not sure if you still have a problem what I’m still experiencing… I’ll show you how to reproduce that problem, and send it to the developers of Chromevox,–after you reproduced a problem.

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