Strategic Suspending Of User Accounts On Your Website Or Monetization Programs

You heard of Blogger wrongfully deleting legitimate blogs as spam,–when affiliate links were used properly… YouTube wrongfully/illegally terminating user accounts who were just respecting the community of YouTube itself… Google AdSense unlawfully terminating their accounts… and other big hosting providers who offer services for free on the internet. Some of these companies were just neglecting customers who had concerns,–regarding monetization, content ownership, blog ownership, etc. Most of these companies hasn’t strategically find which user on their website is involved in violations, but many of these users who were just legitimate users who were respecting the terms has experienced neglectful practices. According to the FTC… if I can get my calculation correct; many businesses were NOT following business laws around the USA, or other countries. And some users has started to find a different host to host their content, and monetize their content with a freedom of monetization.

Say if you are an owner of your website, and you wanted to keep sex offenders away from your website because, you don’t want these predators to use your website as a way to lure children to any place that is common for predators to rape, confine, assault, and other illegal activities. You got a response from a user who is complaining about a user who is a pedophile who is luring children to dangerous places, and uploading child pornography. You contacted your web host for assistance to have the user be reported to the law enforcement because, you had trouble removing the offending content from the website, and you have to find the way to get this user removed. However; your users has guided you through a set of instructions to remove this user.


You were heading to the user’s website/blog in question where illegal images are located… your hosting provider instructs you to provide a URL to this website to report the user to the police… or the federal law enforceing agency.

You were instructed to preserve this website, and block it from the user who posted this illegal material that abuses children… until the user has his/her account terminated via an order of a court. That’s strategic way to terminate a user for posting illegal images. However’ you educate users why you should never post this kind of a material under any other circumstances.

If you were an owner of an ad service where you provide ads to be used for monetizing websites/apps/blogs… and you discovered copyfraud has been involved, terminate the copyfraudster is a necessary way to keep copyfraudsters from ever monetizing their content in the future. Say if… your user has reported copyfraud, and a troll has been involved, you terminate the copyfraudster who is involved in fraudulently claiming copyright on anyone’s work. This form of fraud hasn’t been classified as a federal crime,–due to government corruption. Big content creators are NOT immuned to having their monetization stopped. Leaving the users who were the small users who own small websites be is the only way to strategically keep these users,–instead of randomly terminating them for no reason. Since I don’t have users just yet… many site owners didn’t even listen to us,–the users who wanted to make their community our home.

Facebook has already strategically terminated the sex offender’s accounts, but some sex offenders own websites,–even without illegal images. Some of them blog about their time behind bars. Some webmasters has been attacked by sex offenders who were about to run their blogs, but some of these blogs were just hosted by a prison, or a different agency. Once you’re on a sex offender database… you are end up being restricted to certain places where you are allow to reside.

YouTube didn’t even audit any of these channels where sex offenders upload content to entertain others… this cover up has been around for years! However; The PlayStation Networks has already had policies that prevent sex offenders from joining a gaming network… if a sex offender has tried to join a network, or sent messages to children who played games online… the predator is reported to the authorities, and removed from the network. But there’s good news… sex offenders in New York are banned from online gaming! It’s a good thing… they made a right decision to keep sex offenders away from children who frequently use the internet.

If sex offenders monetize blogs, and make money with their content… the ad network has to take extra steps to keep track of a sex offender who is making money with their site. If a sex offender is ordered to pay a fine for their crime; the ad providers must lower his earnings to enable the sex offender to pay fines. And unlike garnishments… the sex offender must NOT attract children on his/her website under any circumstances… but many of these predators has been fighting against these restrictions because, their rights has been infringed,–according to the ACLU. Many of these offenders has their accounts terminated before they’re banned from the internet.

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