Which Should I Choose To Present Content… Static Html Files Or Use CMS?

So, you are deciding on using a CMS like WordPress or you wanted to just drop in your html files for your website. Those are multiple ways to display content on your website. Sometimes, it may affect how much storage what you will take up overtime. And sometimes, your space on your server gets crowded with some of these SQL files. These files can take up more space than a static html file can take.

If you can take a closer look of your site’s disk space, via your control panel, you can see why your hosting provider has set your storage via your hosting plan. These hosting plans are set by a company,–so they can set special uses for your website. For this instance, you host a text-adventure gaming site for your gamers who are blind, most of these games don’t use graphics, but text on their browsers. Most of these games are implemented with a group of html files linked, or a JS file that tells an html page what to do. Javascript files are useful for programming text-based games, and they don’t need databases to display content, and they don’t take up processor power.

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Website Owners & Their Therapy Animals

Some website owners have therapy animals… most therapy animals help website owners cope with abusive incidents since years ago. This is why our society appears to be broken! Most therapy animals reduce possible affects of common psychieatric issues, depression, etc.

Website owners are most likely to lose focus when developing common types of sites, such as: gaming sites, video sites, image galleries, forums, and more. That’s why there are too many people who own therapy animals.

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WordPress Multisite Owners and the Attack of the Suicidal Website Owners

Many Website owners who own websites are NOT sure why some of their users are NOT updating their websites, and writing something new, but some of these websites/blogs has been rigged with suicidal thoughts that are dangerous. Suicidal bloggers has been writing online threats of suicide, or self-harm is common when these sites were abandoned after someone has attempted suicide,–or committed suicide.

Everyday, psych hospitals gets an input of suicidal patients who were on a permanent suicide watch that is indeed strict because, this is necessary for the safety of the patients who were suicidal. Victims of abuse, neglect, spanking, and other violence is common in the USA, and other countries. If you were just planning an emergency plan, and look up which psych hospital is right for the patient. In common, mental hospitals has this feature that prevent patients from attacking other patients.

If you think suicidal webmasters are the problem; link to the anti-suicide websites, and provide instructions to report suspected suicidal websites/blogs. Many psych nurses are at work,–stopping suicidal patients,–after they arrived in the ER via an ambulance, or an ambulance bus that is shipping suicidal patients in bulk.

So, let’s stay alive, and find other activities that will prevent suicide, and find therapy groups, and lock away all knives, and other equipment that may be used for self-harm, or suicide. And let’s keep all suicidal websites out of our internet, and encourage these victims of bullying, abuse, neglect, and other violence to stay alive because, life what matters!

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WordPress Multisite Owners & The Attack of the Harmful Substances… Such As Alcohol

Everyday, high school students has been making decisions when starting to make a website, and start a blog, service, or store. But many of the webmasters has been wiped out,–due to DUI caused by a drunk driver, or end up in prison for DUI. Some webmasters didn’t even understand! You should avoid harmful substances at all costs.

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Dream Journalists and the Attack of the Trolls

Many dream journalists may have dreams that references to fictional characters, fictional places, movies made by people, books written by authors, music written by artists, and TV shows wcreated by everyday people around the world. But many of these corporations has been attacking dream blogs,–wrongfully shutting them down. This is kind of an issue for some people who wanted to share their dreams what they had each night, or historic dreams from a long time ago.

Many corporations has been complained about their fictional characters being used on anyone’s dream blogs, usually, dream blog content. Crying over your characters that are being used on a dream blog makes it worse for your creators who were making content for your company, or organization. Many of these original creators has been whining over their characters being used on anyone’s dream blogs,–at this case… your dream blog has a reference to a fictional place where you interacted with a cartoon character what you dreamed of. However; your site don’t have any ads because, your dream blog is kind of like your thoughts from your dream what you had last night.

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