WordPress Multisite Owners & The Attack of the Harmful Substances… Such As Alcohol

Everyday, high school students has been making decisions when starting to make a website, and start a blog, service, or store. But many of the webmasters has been wiped out,–due to DUI caused by a drunk driver, or end up in prison for DUI. Some webmasters didn’t even understand! You should avoid harmful substances at all costs.

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Dream Journalists and the Attack of the Trolls

Many dream journalists may have dreams that references to fictional characters, fictional places, movies made by people, books written by authors, music written by artists, and TV shows wcreated by everyday people around the world. But many of these corporations has been attacking dream blogs,–wrongfully shutting them down. This is kind of an issue for some people who wanted to share their dreams what they had each night, or historic dreams from a long time ago.

Many corporations has been complained about their fictional characters being used on anyone’s dream blogs, usually, dream blog content. Crying over your characters that are being used on a dream blog makes it worse for your creators who were making content for your company, or organization. Many of these original creators has been whining over their characters being used on anyone’s dream blogs,–at this case… your dream blog has a reference to a fictional place where you interacted with a cartoon character what you dreamed of. However; your site don’t have any ads because, your dream blog is kind of like your thoughts from your dream what you had last night.

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Blind Webmasters & the Attack of the Porn Industry

Many blind webmasters don’t want sexualized content on their websites. This is usual for some people who don’t want sexual content on their servers. Almost all of these website owners who were blind often host free platforms to enable users to create websites for free… all without traditional payment that goes first. However; blind webmasters are so concerned if porn has been spreading around their website,–all without any special software to keep pornography out of their website. This is kind of scary if you are blind, and you don’t know what image is being displayed on your website.

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Strategic Suspending Of User Accounts On Your Website Or Monetization Programs

You heard of Blogger wrongfully deleting legitimate blogs as spam,–when affiliate links were used properly… YouTube wrongfully/illegally terminating user accounts who were just respecting the community of YouTube itself… Google AdSense unlawfully terminating their accounts… and other big hosting providers who offer services for free on the internet. Some of these companies were just neglecting customers who had concerns,–regarding monetization, content ownership, blog ownership, etc. Most of these companies hasn’t strategically find which user on their website is involved in violations, but many of these users who were just legitimate users who were respecting the terms has experienced neglectful practices. According to the FTC… if I can get my calculation correct; many businesses were NOT following business laws around the USA, or other countries. And some users has started to find a different host to host their content, and monetize their content with a freedom of monetization.

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