WordPress Multisite Owners & the Attack of Harmful Substances Such As Tobacco

Recently; I’ve been looking up and studying these videos about why you should never consume tobacco products. I discovered some of these videos of some people who had their tips of their fingers amputated,–causing them NOT to type on keyboards,–common task when writing new code, blog posts, and other content. However; I heard of a video about some people who used to smoke tobacco has a hole in their necks, and limited use of their hands and feet.

The Problem

If you were consuming tobacco, and you were smoking… you are causing yourself to lose capabilities. At this case; you may encounter loss of vision,–requiring eye injections. However; you can use a screen-reader on a computer. But if you experienced any amputations… you aren’t able to type, or use a mouse to manage your website.


What Do I Mean?

Say if you were smoking, you were just minding your own business working with your multisite for your users. And your wife or husband has been trying to stay away from tobacco by wearing a hazmat suit to keep tobacco smoke out of him/her. you were just making money with your website without any worries. For example; you make about $200 monthly, and you are taking financial responsibility. You own your own house, your own car, and your own business. You created fictional characters within your fictional stories on your website. You relied on a traditional licensing system. All of these bells and whistles are active. You are just 21 years old, you started smoking while you are just 16 years old.

Wait a minute! I think I got this story example too fast. Let’s go back to the beginning!!

It starts off when you were just a teenager who is working at your favorite job,–building computers that require open-source software to be installed. You made about 400 dollars with your precise work. You were held as a trusted engineer. You enabled customers to custom program their computers with their prefered software.

You went to the smoke shop on the weekends to buy you a pack of cigarettes. You used your money to buy them.

You went home to start smoking for the first time. Your parents are on a tour making a movie for software activists who oppose DRM/copy-protection. You were just sitting down on a sofa watching TV.

You bought yourself a computer to start blogging, and run your own site. You decided to write entertaining content with notepads, and coding software. However; you relied on a proprietary software to code your work.

Each weekday, you go back to your workplace. But you code your content during break, and you sometimes smoke. However; your other peers has experienced a problem with tobacco! She moves away from you,–to protect herself from these toxic particles from one cigarette. She is allergic to tobacco products because, she gets hives, shock, and even rash.

You made so much money, you decided to marry a woman in the future. You set aside lots of money to prepare for weddings, and other important items.

You claimed smoking makes you look cool… and you decided to build a website via your favorite hosting provider. You wanted to manage your own WordPress Multisite. You signed up to hosting company… for example; Bluehost. You started off with a shared hosting plan. You write a fantasy-based site that focuses on mermaids. You imagined riding mermaids as a way to navigate across the sea, or underwater. You scheduled your content to be published each friday, and Monday. You publish each 10 posts 2 hours apart. That enables you to make more money with your content. You wished you wanted to go on a cruise to New Zeland to visit your grandmother who lives there. You keep your favorite rabbit as a pet at home,–enabling someone to monitor her health, and her safety. You save lots of money after paying your taxes.

At age 19; you married your first wife, and you decided to go out to eat. But your wife can’t stand tobacco smoke,–to to allergies. You went to a cafe where smoking is NOT allowed.

However; you were smoking for some years, and you were just updating your hosting plans to keep your hosting efforts up to date. You had lots of users who were visiting your website everyday. And you were marked as a best host who care about your customers. You were selling your own ads without an ad network. Most of these ad networks what you started off with has been left in the dust,–due to your exclusive ads what you just sold.

You celebrated your website’s birthday by posting new videos on your site like a pro. And you received lots of visitors. But your smoking addiction,–caused by nicotine kicks in. Each year you smoke over 3 packs of cigaretts a day. And you ordered large packs. That’s more than enough to burn a hole in your pocket,–meaning out of money.

You started owning a house, and a fair that reflect your website. And you had licensers who were hired to build your licensed-theme rides. But your customers didn’t even come to your park because, they don’t want to support you because, you smoke tobacco.

Over these years… tax liens begin to pour in,–causing you to lose your rides in your fair. And you can lose your trademarks for your characters, rides, and other items. You couldn’t pay any taxes because, you don’t have enough money. The tax crew has seized your property, your fair, and your copyrights. But you managed to pay your hosting bills. But you experienced a spike in your traffic data.

You woke up one day… and you discovered you had a lump in your throat or neck, and you needed medical attention to have it look at. You contacted the EMS because, you experienced some breathing problems. The ambulance arriveds, and you were loaded in the back, and you were shipped to the hospital to get the lump removed. They discovered a lump is actually cancer! This is pretty scary for some webmasters, and famous people you may encounter around the world. This is kind of terrible if you had throat cancer, and your voice box has been removed–due to cancer. Or in some cases, you may need to eat soft foods. Scary… isn’t it!

So, you brought your laptop with you, along with your phone to the hospital before your operation to treat your throat, and your head. You were tested for nicotine,–this is common when you take a blood test for your medications, or your diet,–or your health.

You turned off your laptop and phone before operation, you requested to wear a diaper during an operation. Your nurse has asked you NOT to smoke before operation. But you smoked anyway, and your wife was worried about your death after smoking.

You woke up during recovery, and your throat is treated, but your voice box has been removed, and you had a new stoma.

Days later, you were just smoking at home, and you started to have a heart attack!

Your wife call an ambulance. You were not responding what your wife expected you to do so.

You were back in your hospital room after treatment. And you were ordered NOT to smoke for many days before your operation. However; your addiction has broken your nurse’s order.

Days after an operation… you were just trying to pay taxes online, but your medical bills has filled your inbox, and your hosting bills begins to rise,–all without any audits! Unfortunately; your tax refunds has been intercepted,–due to tax penalties. And the tax agents were so shocked because, you smoked so much tobacco, they ran out of your hospital room. The hospital air cleaning system has filtered out all of the tobacco smoke what they bargen for! The staff has to change the filter as quick as a flash.

Your finger tips became so painful, you had to get parts of your fingers amputated, and you have to find the way to type on your computer. But the bad thing is… you have to dictate with your voice to type with your computer. And you aren’t able to feel anything. All of that smoke inside you has caused you to lose one of your hands, or your feet.

Your heart begins to go out.

You wanted a transplant…

You have to take the test.

Days later, your request has been declined because, you smoked so much tobacco!

Your webmasters has been trying to contact you via email. But your wife as a backup has been receiving a call regarding copyfraud, and action needs to be taken to keep your users safe. But your attempt has failed because, your hands don’t work. Addiction to tobacco is common for some people who were trying to quit smoking, or something similar.

You were been placed on hospiss care,–before your death arrives. And the nurse has nothing to do because, all of that smoke, nicotine, and other toxic substances has taken over your body. And you had thousands of tumors treated,–with a giant medical bill that costs up to $200,000,000 per treatment. However; you were just making a video of yourself,–telling people why smoking is bad for you. You were just speaking from your hospiss bed, and death is arriving to roll you through his door. Or maybe the hospiss staff has rolled you in!

You started to lose the rest of your hands, legs, arms, feet, hair, teeth, and all of these tumors has consumed your entire body!

You were found dead with your laptop and phone still running. And your wife has to take control of your sites with your will.

After you were been placed in a special casket, you were served as compost for a new tree in a new kind of a graveyard.

Webmasters who smoke are susceptible to cancer, los of limbs, and even loss of voice. Common activities what webmasters who smoke miss out are, performing in certain business tasks like handling phone calls; making audio posts; typing on chat programs; writing software; and more.

That’s why many web hosting services has losses of their revenue,–due to a death of a user who ran a website. You can say smoking tobacco is the cause.

When Smoking/Chewing Tobacco… You Lose Just About Anything

Its rare to lose your business if you smoke tobacco products such as: cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars, and other products. Tobacco has harmful properties embedded in it. That can lead you to loss of hair, your voice, your jaw, and what I just mentioned earlier… your vision.

Sadly, website owners who were struggling to get their content delivered to them from a web-hosting company has tried their best to contact them. You got the common answer… the owner of this site has his/her account terminated,–due to outstanding bills. Maybe the owner is hospitalized because, he/she has cancer caused by tobacco products, and he/she has to get her body parts amputated. Or maybe the owner has died of smoking-related cancer.

When you were hospitalized after you were tested for cancer, you are susceptible to having parts of your body removed. But its NOT limited to your health! That can also effect your pets, your property, your job, your domain name, your wife/husband,your boyfriend/girlfriend, your allies, your neighbors, your business, your employer, your finances, your ability to drive cars, your art, and more.

At the other hand; if you were an owner of a subsite who is smoking as you were writing content, you may end up losing this capability. If its a paid version, your subscription will be overdue, or your membership may expire as you were end up in hospital, or in worse cases, you lose your life when smoking/chewing tobacco! Everyday, hospitals receive over 200 smokers every minut. That’s 12,000 patients per hour. And medical bills rise up to millions of dollars,–causing the smoker to be in medical debt. This is common for some people who smoke tobacco products!

Tobacco addiction is a serious threat to our society. Our government has been imposing high taxes on tobacco products to cut purchases of these items.

Purchasing Tobacco Products May Result To Missing 1 Payment On Your Hosting Subscription

In order for you to have your own self-hosted site; you need to renew your domain, your subscription/membership, and other software licenses,–if you use proprietary software. It takes 1 ore more packs of cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or cigars to fully wipe your banking account clean,–resulting you to have a declined debit card, or a declined credit card. If you were in debt because of smoking, or use use of tobacco products… that can land you into serious trouble. Common troubles are loss of your website, your users, your revenue, your content, and more.

What You Should Do?

Don’t purchase any tobacco products. Instead; get yourself some fruits and vegetables as an alternative treat.

If you were still smoking tobacco, or chewing tobacco; quit doing it immediately!

Always avoid smoking areas of any restaurants, bars, and other places. Look for the “NO Smoking” sign to protect yourself from exposure to tobacco smoke. Or lobby for a total ban on tobacco products altogether,–along with banning cultivating, or growing tobacco.

Don’t make any friends with people who smoke/chew any tobacco products.

Don’t do any business with tobacco companies!

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