Non-WordPress Users And The High Use Of Third Party Scripts

You rely on static html files as a way to build your website, and you rely on scripts from third party providers. Your website may perform differently. Tipically, WordPress relies on SQL databases to store content. It relies on server side scripting to fetch content, and deliver it to browsers. If you were just hosting html files on your server, and you are just hosting your own text-based games; you can experience a faster website. Many GreenGeeks users are just wondering how to host a website without a CMS.

Choosing to host your website with html files is your decision, but this is your preference.

If Your Hosting Package Doesn’t Offer SQL Databases

If your hosting package offered by your hosting provider doesn’t offer SQL; you can still host your website without SQL. You can host a text-adventure games to play; articles; and some forms hosted by a third party. You can use Google Forms to implement a form for your users. You can also implement ad blocks to monetize your pages. It takes some time for these ads to be relevant as you expected to be.

Sharing buttons, commenting boxes, and other features offered by companies are used by website owners who only rely on html, not SQL databases. Overtime these scripts can be updated by hosts who run them.

Google AdSense, Shareaholic, and Viglink for this instance does all of the work, monetizing websites.

Use Of Google AdSense & Other Monetization Apps

Google AdSense and other monetization apps enable website owners to enable providers to host ads for you. This is a hosted solution for static website developers who wanted to monetize a site with ease.

Shareaholic also host ads, and provide promoted content for website owners. Promoted content,–advertised via companies pay for these ads, and website owners rely on them to keep their websites free.

If you Are A Blind Website Owner Who Relies On Reseller Hosting – Watch Out For The Attack Of The Pirates!

What’s the point about being a reseller for a hosting platform,–establishing your own platform for hosting websites for free or paid subscriptions? Hosting a hosting platform for hosting websites enable your users tohost their websites and post content like text, images, and other content formats. Some people post movies what they’ve made from scratch, along with software. Being a reseller for your customers is awsome,–except for some customers who turn into pirates who really take revenue from software developers, movie studios, and music artists

Within this article, we will tell you why you have to be extremely careful when being a reseller for your customers while you’re blind.

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TalkBack Screen-Reader Only Register 1830 Words When Editing Large Text Fields & Online Text-Editing Programs? Watch Out! There’s A BuG What You May Encounter

So, you use your android device like a 2-in-one android laptop, you are a skilled writer who write extremely long post on your blog,–just like I do! I usually experiment with screen-readers that may have flaws what you’ve never encountered before. Recently, I’ve stumbled upon a flaw what you’ve never heard of before. And I’ll share it to you!

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Pornography Is Not Welcomed On GreenGeeks

Many webmasters who are exclusively pornstars wanted to host their websites on GreenGeeks, a green hosting provider… but what’s stated on their TOS page: “Porn is not suitable for our services.” And many webmasters who wanted to publish porn content on their websites to grow their audience, and make money. However, the porn industry is a highly addictive market to many viewers who were addicted to porn. That’s why GreenGeeks don’t want any porn on their servers. This is one example of a family-targeted hosting platform.

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Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Blocks Terror-Linked Countries

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy never tolerates terrorism. We are blocking terror-linked countries to protect our independence when running our website. If you were reading content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy in any of these countries linked to terrorism, you may experience an error message when trying to visit our website. If this is the case, you may need to find other ways to keep reading our content, or move to a different country where is free of terrorism.

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