Using CPanel With Your Screen-Reader, Chromevox or TalkBack? Watch Out!

Recently, I experimented with Chromevox, and TalkBack on both of my devices. What I just learned from the CPanel help community. According to the CPanel staff; there’s a way to select this file when you were using the files manager within your hosting account. Like most hosting services… they rely on CPanel control panels. Most CPanel features are visual by design,–violating the ADA. Most software developers has been keeping their software non-accessible.

The findings

I started with experimenting with Chromevox Classic, and Chromevox next. Since Chromevox Classic has an array of commands that are strategically implemented. Since Chromevox Classic can use a space bar to force click on an item… Chromevox Next doesn’t.

TalkBack via touch-screen interface, you can activate an item to select a file, but you can’t select in bulk,–due to CPanel’s non-accessible interface. You can accomplish this by foving folders to a root directory,–other than a directory-based website. This is useful if you wanted to host your files within your website’s root domain. If you have WordPress, or other CMS… installing WordPress manually for the first time takes a little bit of time, and you need to be very careful,–otherwise, you will screw up your entire website. Don’t use the CPanel’s CPaddons to install WordPress because, these files made by the WordPress community who developed open-source software.

If you have a computer susceptible to stalling… you may need to rely on a different screen-reader that will NOT take up more memory.

What You Should Do?

Open a support ticket to ask for accessibility support. Since CPanel’s control is violating accessibility laws like ADA… this is necessary for the software developers to implement accessibility.

We’ve Experienced An Attack Of The Racoon Boy!

This news article is based on real places, and real people. Names and places has been changed to protect the privacy/identities of individuals.

It was a time when I was minding my own business… relaxing, and viewing bills on my phone; I heard something about the barrel of chips being stolen by the racoon boy. Both lion, and cub has a bad experience with him. Before I relaxed, I was just minding my own business; eating breakfast. Both of these lions were just getting ready to go to the dentistry portal. A little lion cub was about to get some barrel of chips to eat a tasty treat, but a large lion has been asking the another large lion to pick up a barrel of chips.

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E-book Authors & the Earnings Issues

Some authors didn’t even understand! It takes lots of time for your books to be discovered. But they’re trying to startup their earnings stream, but they are doing it the wrong way. Although; I’m always editing, and writing new books on the web. Publishing more books after you are done writing a new one can take some time. Some authors can write 1 book up to a year,–depending on their book what they’re writing.

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Don’t Cry/Whine Over Your Content Being Used Under Fair-Use

That’s right! There are crybabies everywhere around the world,–crying over their intellectual property being stolen, causing their revenue to go down, and lose market value of their work. However, what critics are doing is fair-use… That’s what some people didn’t even understand at all. All of that whining and crying,–along with filing takedown notices doesn’t solve your problems; it makes it worse… one wrong move may lead your corporation susceptible to lawsuits, and corporate accountability,–and in some cases… forfeiture of your copyrights, trademarks, and even your trade-secrets. Once your copyrights are taken away from you, you can’t get it back! It doesn’t matter how big is your business is, or how famous your characters are,–or even how neat your content is. Fair-use doesn’t do anything bad to your business, your reputation, your revenue, or your assets.

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