Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Joins #BoycottDisney Movement

Although; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy will NEVER do remakes of our content, but we update our content to do hot fixes, and lengthen our stories on our front website. Relying on remakes for our creative content is NOT a thing for Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. Well, this is a reason why Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is joining the #BoycottDisney movement because, we believe remake of legacy Disney movies what I grew up with. Well, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy will NEVER tolerate remakes under any way!
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GreenGeeks Users & The Attack Of The MLMWebsites

Many GreenGeeks users have questions about running their websites for the purpose of running a MLM business. However; most payment prodivers don’t support these kind of businesses because, most MLM businesses are pyramid schemes. Unfortunately, legitimate MLM businesses are subject to being targeted by FTC, and other consumer-protecting companies/agencies. Everyday, MLM companies are often sued by customers who lost lots of money. For this instance, any kind of a company what you think of,–connected to any MLM schemes has been dissolved, or removed from the internet altogether. Most hosting providers don’t support MLM businesses because, pyramid schemes can lead to serious loss of money, and scammers often disguise their businesses as legitimate businesses.

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[FAQ] I’m A Sex Offender… Can I Own A Website Hosted Via Any Hosting Provider Like GreenGeeks?

This is a question what some sex offenders may ask to their probation officers. There are some sex offenders who were business owners, and they often write blogs, publish ebooks, develop games for us play, run a hosting platform, and even run restaurants. Although; sex offender laws vary from state to state. Each sex offender type has a risk level. Typically, low risk offenders often get out of a mess,–after they serve time behind bars, after probation, or even reabilitated after time behind bars. High risk offenders are susceptible to restrictions set by state or federal laws in the USA, or other countries. Many sex offenders were upset because they can’t go online for the purpose of running a business. If you were a sex predator who is running a business; you have to be extra careful!
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[FAQ] Where Should I Place My Install Of WordPress On My Server Hosted Via GreenGeeks?

This is a common question what some website owners asked! Installing WordPress via a 1-click install, or manual install of your WordPress software on your own site is common for some people who wanted to quickly implement a website on their servers. Typically, installing WordPress on your server via a public_html directory is a best way to get your site publically displayed,–so people can read your content. If you installed WordPress via a non-public directory, it will not work. Some people prefer to create a folder for a place to run their website as a directory deep location of a directory like a “Blog” folder, or “support” folder for helping customers with software or services.
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Even Anti-Spam Measures Can Be Circumvented By Professional Spammers!

As I was about to write a next post on my website via WordPress, I encountered some mysterious comments, and there’s no possibility to figure out who left a reply on my post. I did have my anti-spamming tools installed,–helping to protect my multisite against spam comments, website usage, and spam social links posted on my social networking site. If you encountered this issue, most likely, bots are now capable of going around varification mechanisms, and post unsolicited content to your website, and your multisite network. Your robots.txt file isn’t immuned to these bad bots at this time. Spammers often use hosting providers to send spam to your website with automated software or scripts what they’ve developed. Professional scammers often mask their IP addresses, and even encrypt their sites to prevent detection by their own hosts. WordPress users may experienced this issue, and you may need to implement reputable anti-spam software to keep spambots at bay!
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