What Should I Host On My Website?

Many people started a website,–after they owned domains. They chosen a hosting company in question. And they wanted to build their website, but many people didn’t even understand! When you host a website, you think about how you wanted your site to be. Use your imagination! And think about what do you wanted to host. You can host a platform, service, website for users, forums, online communities, etc.

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We’ve Experienced An Attack Of The Racoon Boy!

This news article is based on real places, and real people. Names and places has been changed to protect the privacy/identities of individuals.

It was a time when I was minding my own business… relaxing, and viewing bills on my phone; I heard something about the barrel of chips being stolen by the racoon boy. Both lion, and cub has a bad experience with him. Before I relaxed, I was just minding my own business; eating breakfast. Both of these lions were just getting ready to go to the dentistry portal. A little lion cub was about to get some barrel of chips to eat a tasty treat, but a large lion has been asking the another large lion to pick up a barrel of chips.

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WordPress Magic: Use A Firefox Browser To Compare How Your Websites Are Displayed

Some people usually use Chromebooks to develop websites, but they’re limited to a Chrome browser,–that’s how Chrome OS gots its name. If you had an Android phone, you can down load a secondary browser to compare between websites. This is useful if you wanted to check if your ads are functioning correctly, or study the layout of your website with a browser that can render your website’s layout.

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Blind Webmasters & the Attack of the Porn Industry

Many blind webmasters don’t want sexualized content on their websites. This is usual for some people who don’t want sexual content on their servers. Almost all of these website owners who were blind often host free platforms to enable users to create websites for free… all without traditional payment that goes first. However; blind webmasters are so concerned if porn has been spreading around their website,–all without any special software to keep pornography out of their website. This is kind of scary if you are blind, and you don’t know what image is being displayed on your website.

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Strategic Suspending Of User Accounts On Your Website Or Monetization Programs

You heard of Blogger wrongfully deleting legitimate blogs as spam,–when affiliate links were used properly… YouTube wrongfully/illegally terminating user accounts who were just respecting the community of YouTube itself… Google AdSense unlawfully terminating their accounts… and other big hosting providers who offer services for free on the internet. Some of these companies were just neglecting customers who had concerns,–regarding monetization, content ownership, blog ownership, etc. Most of these companies hasn’t strategically find which user on their website is involved in violations, but many of these users who were just legitimate users who were respecting the terms has experienced neglectful practices. According to the FTC… if I can get my calculation correct; many businesses were NOT following business laws around the USA, or other countries. And some users has started to find a different host to host their content, and monetize their content with a freedom of monetization.

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