Austin Jones Is A Pedophile? Yes He Is In My Opinion!

Friends, internet neighbors, and internet users… Austin Jones has been arrested since days ago! What Austin just did has really caused him to be behind bars, and be banned from the internet,–until his trial. However; he’s facing prison time,–if he’s convicted. If he was convicted of his crime, he has to register as a sex offender, and be banned from using any social networking services. Sure glad I don’t support his YouTube channel because, supporting a pedophile is a bad thing.

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Strategic Policy Making & the Arrest Of Austin Jones The Musician

Days ago; I stumbled upon a news about Austin Jones… a YouTube star has been arrested for producing child pornography, and he was sent to jail. Many of our internet neighbors has been shocked when this online celeb has been involved in a scandal that was brought to light. YouTube has failed to prevent Austin Jones from sending messages to these minors online. His message contains material that puts children at risk of sexual exploitation. YouTube,–owned by Google has failed to report Austin to the law enforcement like they should,–after complaints has been filed by flagging videos.

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Chromevox Next Is Now A Default Version Of Chromevox… But Classic Chromevox Is Breaking Down

Many people who toggle between Classic, and the newer version of Chromevox to use both version for common applications, and activities. For this instance; you use Classic Chromevox for web development, or adjusting an online vault on your Walmart debit card. However; what you’re about to encounter… is these following issues what you never struck before.

The Experiment With Classic Chromevox

If you switch back to the Classic version of Chromevox, and you opened your browser tab, and go to your favorite social networking accounts what you use via any social media site; you used your arrow keys to navigate Chromevox; there’s no feedback when you try to use Classic Chromevox. I tried clearing out some cache, images, files, and other junk from my browser,–along with turning off some of these extensions and apps to free up memory on my Acer C7 Chromebook. I had this 5 year-old Chromebook still working like normal. But overtime; Chromevox Classic begins to have a software rot,–meaning the code becomes corrupted, and it takes up more memory than any other software.

I worked around the issue by using Chromevox Next first…. and toggling different versions to ensure Chromevox is doing its job.

If you want Chromevox to announce the URL behind the link; you need to use Chromevox Classic,–rather than Chromevox Next because, the newer version of Chromevox doesn’t have this feature,–making it too difficult to varify if any of these links are valid URLs. If the newer version of Chromevox has this feature, that will make it easier for blind users to spot suspicious links that are linked to malware. This is pretty scary if you were a web developer who is good at writing code, and protecting your website from serious harm.

Problems What I Found With Details:

  • Chromevox is NOT reading webpages when the page is done loading. No feedback when Chromevox Classic returns focus to the inside of webpages.
  • Chromevox is NOT capable of keeping resource usage at low amount of memory.
  • Stalling Points.

Chromevox Next Gets Improved when newer versions of Chrome OS are released

If you use Chromevox Next; and you were about to write documents, or long posts; you may still experience stalling, and crashing when you write extremely long codes that are built to run your plugins on your website, you may need to change out memory on your Chromebook, or use a Linux machine to develop your website even further. Not all screen-readers are equal, some interact with web elements differently. However; Chromevox still have these flaws that are indeed getting worse overtime.

What makes it really difficult with Chromevox Next is a missing feature; use a mouse to change focus, for blind users who prefer to use a mouse to navigate with Chromevox. Common uses with this mouse are other functions what Chromevox isn’t able to perform. That simulates a visual person who wanted to rely on this instrument. NVDA,–this screen-reader only available to Windows machines… hasn’t been arriving to the Chrome OS platform at this time. If Chromevox has a feature, work like NVDA, that will be easier for a Chromebook user. You can visit NVDA’s website and find out more about this open-source screen-reader. If Chromevox developers has integrated NVDA mode for their screen-reader,–it will NOT take up more memory.

Overtime; in the future; Chromevox Next will be better than ever; if any of these flaws has been fixed. Since a long time ago; Chromevox was performing without any trouble since Chrome 24, and below, this the best of Chromevox when I had my first Chromebook as a way to keep Windows out of my system. And I left Windows out of use.

Common Problems With Chromevox Next

Like Chromevox Classic… it still stall or stutters when you write an extremely long content what you were just writing on your website, or posting comments anywhere on a website. These text fields play an important role for blind webmasters who were serious about creating something new,–especially new WordPress Plugins, software code, website templates, etc.

  • URLs can’t be announced behind links.
  • Interactive elements can’t be activated when using features found on websites,–such as Walmart Debit card online vault.
  • Still take up lots of memory.

If you found new Issues with Chromevox, you can always file a bug with your Chromebook.

WordPress Magic: When Writing Posts As Chapters In A Book… Use 1 Category

Wondering about these posts what I write as chapters in a book on my main site? Long before,–during the time of my content hosted on Blogger,–owned by google. I experimented on writing blog posts as chapters in a book. Writing a blog as a book is the another way of using your website as a online book what you are writing. Whether if you were just writing a simple fictional story, or a set of stories like a box of books. But some people didn’t even understand. If you didn’t provide categories to your set of posts, your stories won’t be organized as you expected to be organized.

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WordPress Multisite Owners & the Attack of Harmful Substances Such As Tobacco

Recently; I’ve been looking up and studying these videos about why you should never consume tobacco products. I discovered some of these videos of some people who had their tips of their fingers amputated,–causing them NOT to type on keyboards,–common task when writing new code, blog posts, and other content. However; I heard of a video about some people who used to smoke tobacco has a hole in their necks, and limited use of their hands and feet.

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