[FAQ] Why Won’t GreenGeeks Offer Free Hosting Packages When I’m Unbanked?

Typically; GreenGeeks only have paid hosting packages. Since GreenGeeks rely on paywalls instead of advertisements to host their platform. However; this is a major drawback for people who were unbanked,–living from one check to the another. GreenGeeks doesn’t offer payment by check for people who were unbanked. Now these days; we have to provide valid info when opening bank accounts because, they’ve implemented efforts to prevent money laundering, terrorism financing, and other serious factors. Ditching check payments are not to blame when you were unbanked!

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Text-Adventure Games Hosted On Websites Hosted Via GreenGeeks Can Use SQL Or Plain HTML

Many text-adventure game developers who host websites on GreenGeeks are planning on writing only html text-adventure games, or use an SQL database to run their games. However; if your host supports SQL; you can create a database for enabling users to store info as they play games. However; if you have an SQL injection attacking your website; your site can be affected by bad guys. HTML pages with plain html code is the another option,–if you want your users to play your games without needing to create an account. This is useful if you want to make a text-adventure game by interlinking your html files. Since they don’t take that much data to run your servers… you can host as many html files you want. This is a great approach when you are just writing a static website for your play area of your website, just like I’m developing it.

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SSI Receivers & The Investment Strategies

Many people who receive SSI are rigged with limitations. For this instance; you have a plan to be an invester who rather let your money work for you. However; you were living from paycheck to paycheck, adding your money to your banking account, and keeping your account below $2,000. This is a common limit for SSI receivers who were blind; deaf, have mental problems, etc. Typically, SSI is designed for older communities who no longer work for a company where they used to be employed. That can range from retiring, to job loss,–after an injury. Young folks via younger communities who were disabled also rely on SSI to keep themselves financially at float. However; SSI is funded by tax payers like you. Government debt is common in the US. And government officials has finding way to get out of debt like this.

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Choosing GreenGeeks Over Other Hosting Companies Who Support Polluting Giants& Corporate Greed

So, you are migrating from blogger.com; and you are proud to upgrade your website with a paid-hosting service of choice. There are many hosting companies who iffer services to host your site with a premium price. Typically; you start off with a free hosting service of choice. You have some time to monetize your site via ads or donations. You gained enough capital to upgrade from a free service to a paid service.

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Why You Should Migrate To GreenGeeks After Your Favorite Hosting Company Goes Bankrupt Or Held Accountable For Denying Climate Change?

So, you heard a news about a company what you do business with has been held accountable for denying climate change, or gone bankrupt,–after your internet neighbors has started a campaign to boycott a polluting hosting company. And you didn’t know about a cause what you’ve never heard of before. Some people has been finding ways to switch to a green hosting platform. Green hosting platforms is important for a sustainable way of hosting your websites what you owned. However; most hosting providers still connect to a polluting giant. Nobody wants to breathe in coal smoke, and smog! Clean air is vital for our lives around the world.

For the past 3 years, hosting my website with GreenGeeks is one way for me to offset carbon as I blog with other content, and subjects. Experimenting with ways to host content is a way to figure out a future for my website what I’ve owned for 3 years.

What if your hosting company is a polluting giant?

If you believe your hosting company pollutes our planet, and condone poaching, deforestation, eating meat, hunting rabbits, and overfishing; you may need to migrate from your hosting provider who is held accountable. It’s always a good idea to alert your customers about your migration to the another hosting provider.

Be sure to have enough money to sign up for a new hosting platform. I’ve strongly recommended GreenGeeks because, GreenGeeks is a green hosting provider relying on renewable energy. Not just their hosting packages are cheap; they’re also reliable for your business, your blog, or your services what you offer to your customers.

  1. Sign up for GreenGeeks and create an account with them.
  2. Sign into your old hosting account, and download all of your data, folders, and files. Be sure to piece together your websites. It can take about few days for your migration to complete.
  3. Migrate your domain to GreenGeeks, this is necessary to do so because, that enables them to host your domain for you.
  4. Test your site on your new server via GreenGeeks. Keep testing,, until your site runs correctly.
  5. Pay your bills, and alert them you’re are migrating to a new host.
  6. Don’t close your old hosting account yet. Give your old hosting provider a chance to host your site when migrating.
  7. After your hosting account is successfully running with GreenGeeks; close your older hosting account via your old hosting provider.
  8. Use your new GreenGeeks account like normal. If you think this hosting company is helpful to save our planet; do business with them, or if you live in an area where GreenGeeks is local to your neighborhood; you can also seek a job there. Be sure to check any of their job offerings that are right for you, for example:

    • Answering telephone calls – Whether if you were speaking to a customer, or a person who doesn’t have an account; this is a common job via our hosting industry.
    • IT Department – this is useful if you were an IT pro of your own business, and you want to maintain servers, software, and other technical equipment.
    • Security – protect business property, and keep businesses safe.
  9. After your site is running again; your users will be proud of you!

If Your Favorite Hosting Company What You Love Goes Bankrupt

use these steps above. If you keep doing business with this company; you can host with GreenGeeks alongside, and configure your older hosting company to host content what will enable your hosting company to get you to pay more for storage/bandwith; useful if you want to help them get out of debt, this is useful if you are a hard content creator who writes music, and host text-based games. The catch is; your favorite host may eventually go bankrupt. Why do some hosting companies go bankrupt is the following:

  • A Hosting Company Is In Serious Debt

    This is common! Some hosting businesses go bankrupt because, they’re deep in debt. Too much of the business loans isn’t a good thing, or a drop of customers has occured. Maybe this company is boycott because, they supported the rights of the gun owners,–condemned by many activists around the world.

    Credit card debt is the known factor. Even businesses has failed to pay credit card bills. borrowing too much is not a good idea. You must start off as a small business,–than grow big. Credit cards are only used for emergencies, or if you need money instantly. Paying your bills always go first. Even having a backup amount of money with you can keep a struggling hosting company barely at float. Even a customer who is willing to pay for a powerful hosting plan can enable a hosting company to provide quality service. However; poverty is the known issue in the USA, and around the world.

  • Poverty

    Nobody wants to stay in poverty! It’s OKAY to to save lots of money, and join the wealth. That’s the purpose of working at your local job, or investing your money by buying stocks and ETFs. Have you ever seen a company relying on a Blogger blog, spreading the world about their issues with their hosting services. Typically, hosting services aren’t free, and they don’t implement advertisements,–just like free blogging platforms. You must pay for these hosting services with money. If you were unbanked… you are really missing out! Free blogging platforms are intended for startups. Upgrading to a hosting platform is like leaving poverty. Whether if you used your money for other payments… saving extra money doesn’t hurt your business at all.

    Hosting companies in poverty rely on coal-burning plants to run servers, and they are finging ways to reduce carbon, just like GreenGeeks does.

My Thoughts Of Choosing GreenGeeks Over Other Hosts

My thoughts of choosing GreenGeeks is kind of like choosing to ride a rabbit on a farm over slaughtering her for meat. If you were just curious about my thoughts; let me break it down below:

If You Choose GreenGeeks

Choosing GreenGeeks is kind of like riding my rabbit on a farm. You can ride your rabbit bareback, or with a cloth. You can round up your rabbits on your farm, and manuver them to the another spot. Typically, vegan rabbit owners don’t wear wool. If you prefer to groom your rabbits, and save their loose fur during grooming by bagging them up, and sorting them by color. It can take up to a year for your recycled rabbit fur after grooming to reach a desired quantity. You as a vegetarian don’t need slaughterhouses because, you eat greens. Your bunny what you are riding breathes fresh air to gain more oxygen as you implement greens to vertically farm food for your bunnies internally,–saving you $200,000 each year. Your bunnies what you ride often take breaks as you interchange during your duty on your farm.

If you were grooming your rabbits, and you were checking if your bunnies have loose fur; you collect loose fur to be recycled. You don’t pluck their fur, but you use a machine to shear their fur slowly. That applies to rabbits what you’re about to ride,–after you give them breaks between riding sessions. You prefer to ride doe rabbits, but you keep buck rabbits for riding too,–if you have partners who also ride rabbits.

You usually collect rabbit manure to be converted to fuel for a power plant or compost for your garden that is grown vertically.

Also, your rabbits are protected against illegal slaughter.

With GreenGeeks; you don’t rely on factory farming; you raise your rabbits exclusively for riding. A horse can be jealous!

Your bunnies can enjoy some time playing with other bunnies as you ride them.

You rely on a windmill to generate energy, and pump water from wells. Your farm is using a database to keep track of rabbits what you are caring for via a server hosted by a company. That way; if any of your rabbits go down; you take swift action like emergency visits to a vet,–if you set an emergency fund for them.

If you chose other hosts who pollute

If you chose a polluting hosting giant; you are running a rabbit form for meat for supermarkets, and carnivorous pet food for dogs, ferrets, and other carnivores. Polluting giants also farm rabbits for meat!

Let’s break it down:

You raise rabbits for meat on your farm. You must have a slaughterhouse for your meat trade to be active. You farm your bunnies for meat in vast amounts of land. You slaugher them by market size, and weight.

You take up lots of water to produce meat, according to animal activists; meat is linked to pollution and cancer.

Does have been treated like breeders.

This is a common trade in some countries, and rabbit lovers who care about rabbits don’t like it at all!

Fur is harvested by plucking their fur.