Is Ubuntu 21.04 A NightMare?

Okay, I decided to remove Gnome desktop from my desktop computer, and I decided to to reboot it, and what I encountered… is an issue with a screen-reader, Orca when just only using Xubuntu interface. That’s when I decided to reinstall Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on my desktop to revert to a stable LTS version. Well, this is necessary because, this is necessary for my machine to rely on these programs that are stable. However; I reconnected my FireFox account to sync my browsers. My laptop is still running a rolling release of Ubuntu, such as 21.04; and I am currently waiting for a next LTS version of this OS.
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Orca Screen-Reader Beats Chromevox When Reaching Pass 1200 Words

Although; Orca via Ubuntu via newer versions can really outperform Chromevox via Chrome OS Orca is easy to use and modify. You can really type away your work without slowing down. Google Chromevox via Chrome OS has these flaws what I’ve mentioned earlier. Despite Chromebooks with 4 GB of RAM or more… Chromevox still stall and stutters. Typically, screen-readers must be low in resources, and meet standards to use very less memory. Within this post; I’ll show these experiments as I use these screen-readers.

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