Is Ubuntu 21.04 A NightMare?

Okay, I decided to remove Gnome desktop from my desktop computer, and I decided to to reboot it, and what I encountered… is an issue with a screen-reader, Orca when just only using Xubuntu interface. That’s when I decided to reinstall Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on my desktop to revert to a stable LTS version. Well, this is necessary because, this is necessary for my machine to rely on these programs that are stable. However; I reconnected my FireFox account to sync my browsers. My laptop is still running a rolling release of Ubuntu, such as 21.04; and I am currently waiting for a next LTS version of this OS.

Removing Gnome Desktop Can Break Orca

What I’ve encountered, this screen-reader has told me about a module has failed to load. That requires me to get a visual assistant to get my desktop back on her feet, and keep running.

Why this is a a problem:

Orca supposed to run with a desktop environment without a Gnome desktop. Typically, Orca is a screen-reader that is built to work with any desktop environment. Well, this is not just a nightmare what I’ve experienced. If you think this version of Ubuntu 21.04 has these bugs what you never encountered just yet… an LTS version of Ubuntu works just fine, but I missed out these additional voices for my screen-reader. However; there’s onluy 1 workaround if you wanted to get your control of your machine, reinstall Ubuntu 20.04.

Be aware; when reinstalling your OS; you must reinstall other programs as a way to get your computer back running, nd you must have a backup of your files handy.

If you have this nightmare; I’ll mention reinstall an LTS version of Ubuntu, and revert your machine to a previous state with a clean install.

You Use Orca To Navigate Your file manager, but pressing the “5” key tells you are focused on an item what you’re currently highlighting. That also can cause issues like activating context menues,–if your laptop computer doesn’t have a context menu.

When you press the “*” key to activate the context menu, and nothing happened. This version of Gnome is also a nightmare for Orca.

If you were just curious; here are the steps to reproduce a problem:

  1. Open your files app.
  2. Navigate to any folder.
  3. Use the star button on your numeric keypad to open a context menu. The menu should be open for other uses.
  4. Press the 5 key to test if you were focused on a same item,–just like you were using the arrow keys to highlight an item.

This bug is causing issues. This is a version of Ubuntu what you don’t want to use with Orca, and it’s not pretty.

What You Should Do?

Immediately, backup your entire data and files from your machine.

Go to your machine’s boot menu, and choose a boot media where your current LTS of Ubuntu resides.

Follow the prompts.

Restore your data, and stick with a LTS version of Ubuntu to dodge this nightmare what I’ve encountered.

If you have a FireFox browser; sign into your account, and resync your settings, and downloaded extensions.

This is a nightmare what you should avoid when using a rolling release version of your Ubuntu OS on your machine.


Be careful which version of Ubuntu what you’re installing.

Some version of Ubuntu may bite! Always use rolling releases on your dedicated machine… like a repurposed PC what your company has decommissioned, or replace Windows with a rolling version of Ubuntu for other purposes.

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