Don’t spoof your viewers who are about to reuse your E-book!

Some people didn’t even understand! If you published your book, and licensed it under Creative Commons license; it’s irrevocable when published in paperback. But some publishers are trying to claim their book is CC-licensed, but what they are doing is spoofing viewers, and readers,–causing licenses to be invalid.

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Choosing Draft2Digital over Amazon KDP

I’ve been recently publishing my E-books for a couple of months with Draft2Digital. However, I’ve started to avoid signing up for Amazon KDP because, their guidelines are strict, and they always use DRM for all of their E-books; they’re been also criticized because, they’ve condoned production of foie gras,–documented by Mercy For Animals. There’s lots of controversies on (according to Wikipedia).

When you first sign up for Draft2Digital self-publishing service, the interface isn’t cluttered at all. I tried it out with my Chromebook,–while my screen-reader is running. Your account is active right away!

You start off with an empty list of books. All you have to do just add a book what you’ve just written. When you first hit the button to add a book, the wizard begins. You start off with uploading your book file. I’ve first tried a Google Document, but it’s not supported. Then I tried a regular DOC file instead, and it works. I’ve also writing a title and description for my E-book. I’ve started off with small E-books, then I started larger versions later on.

I’ve chosen categories for my E-book. The ISBN is automatically generated as I go to the next page of the wizard.

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Happy Holidays From Fairies Dreams & Fantasy

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is celebrating its first Christmas,–after 1 year of an official launch of this website.

Although; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is still taking shape. That means; the cleanup is almost done.

Here’s what I’m doing so far:

First; I started organizing posts across this multisite by cutting other posts, and pasting them to new places. I did some little edits to my legacy content. I’ve also removed unnecessary formatting.

Second; I started editing some posts. But due to the screen-reader what I’m using on my Chromebook; I have to take some more time to edit long text fields.

Third; I removed some unwanted code from my posts. I have to do some hard editing to fix grammar issues with my stories what I create from scratch.

I’ve also launched a veggie blog to organize my posts containing opinions, and recipes,–and news articles.

I’ve also proud to announce my wiki for this site is growing with new content. But some content will be coming soon,–after I written new stories.

By the next time you revisit this site; you will see all of the content fully organized.

Changes Coming Soon

Here are the following changes that will be coming to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy:

All content will be fully organized overtime,–due to a migration from Blogger, this cleanup will be finished as soon as possible.

The support center will be updated with new self-help support articles. That means you will get more of these free support articles that are going to help you with this entire website.

Light text on a dark background will be a default scheme to reduce power use on legacy CRT screens for some computers.

A new advertising portal will be under construction. That means; any requests to advertise on this site will be paused. That applies to self-hosted ads on this website.

My classic site will also get its makeover to fully repurpose all of these posts that are going to provide entertaining content during the summer of 2017, or later.

Ascending posts will be a new default for some subsites on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy for the purpose of making it easier for anyone to read content on this site,–just like reading a book that never stops updating. Earlier; you have to dig deep to go to the legacy posts to start reading content that is arranged like a chapter book. However; the news section of this site will be remain a default layout to keep the recent posts on a front page. However; a new front page for the news site will be developed during the expansion of this website.

The TOS, Privacy Policy, Disclosure Policy, Acceptable Use policy, and other pages will be moved to a support site to ensure quality for this website.

The main site will have it’s front page redesigned to attract more visitors. That means a proposed image will be inserted to this page to enrich this page with a decrative image.

The take action area on this front page will be moved to a new spot. That means the clutter will be removed as soon as the page is rewritten.