[Update] Green Geeks’s Management Team Takes Action To Help Pull The Imposter Site From The Web

Recently; I taken a look of these search results via Google; I discovered the scam sites who were involved in cloning Green Geeks being removed from results. Although; I made a call to the support team the other day… and let them know. Well, I did the right thing,–so people won’t go to the wrong site.

I did the search… but the cloned site is still there. However, the result hasn’t been removed just yet. If you do an exact search for technofox.co.in/hosting/… you can still see this website cloning Green Geeks. Here’s my additional analysis:

  • The site is still there.
  • The cloned content is still there.
  • Copyrighted content stolen from Green Geeks’s website.
  • Trademarked material stolen for the purpose of committing fraud.
  • Their blog content is stolen and hijacked.
  • Their affiliate program is hijacked.
  • Their entire content from a real site is copied to make it look like its a real site. This is the known attempt to phish data from users who already has a Green Geeks account.
  • Although; Google did their good job deranking their site from their results,–so people can go to the legitimate site instead.
  • Maybe the website owner who copied Green Geeks’s request to seize cloning their content on their site.
  • Merchant account programs has been hijacked.
  • Malicious activity may be behind these hijacked links to Green Geeks products that are hijacked.

Although; this website is located in India… maybe they have these weak copyright laws, or their copyright laws are out of shape.

I believe the management team via Green Geeks has an option to file a copyright complaint, and have this site that is involved in this form of attempted fraud taken down… if the webmaster behind the fraudulent site don’t seize cloning Green Geeks’s website.

What I posted earlier… this site hasn’t been complying with copyright laws for the past years! I believe the fraudster who is running this site should be removed from our internet,–so he won’t phish any of the existing customers who were trying to go to the legitimate site, Green Geeks. However; what they told me… the management team will be notified about my report.

Maybe the webmaster didn’t even ask Green Geeks for permission to reuse their content, nor legally create his own web hosting company from scratch by signing up for a reseller hosting account.

What You Should Do

Don’t go to this site, technofox.co.in/hosting!

If you want to start hosting your own site, go to Green Geeks’s legitimate website instead. Please be aware of this site that cloned Green Geeks, and help Green Geeks’s customers steer to the legitimate site.

Do make a phone call, and go to support, and tell them what you’ve seen.

If you were using chat as a method of contacting support… copythe text below; and paste it to the text box:

Hi there, I discovered a site pretending to be Green Geeks; here's the URL: technofox.co.in/hosting! I believe this person who is cloning this site has stole your content.

Personalize your message if you wish… personal messages make it easier for the support team to understand your report.

Keep speaking up until the management department takes action.

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