YouTube Allows Copyfraudsters To Fraudulently Take Down Videos? Yes They Do In My Opinion!

There was an endless fraud on YouTube… it was copyfraud. These greedy corporations has been stealing public domain content, and claiming copyright and intellectual property as their own content. YouTube’s Content ID program has been linked to fraudulent copyright claims that are too difficult to combat. Their anti-piracy system has been causing some users to upload less videos… and cause their accounts to be wrongfully terminated. Although; these corporations are NOT caring about their audience, they only care about money! Well, money doesn’t grow on trees. You have to pay taxes, and other bills to keep your products going, and your services running.

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Stutter… Stall… CRASH… Chromevox stalling and stuttering when typing in textareas with more than 4000 words

If you were writing lots of words on any kind of text-editing programs, or you were using a textarea on a Blogger blog, WordPress site, or Editpad; you may experience these problems. This is a common problem for Chromevox on all Chrome OS devices. Whether if you were a blind webmaster, software developer, or a writer who writes lots of content. This known bug can effect your productivity on your machine.

You thought Chromevox gets better during major updates of Chrome OS, or a Chrome browser. But overtime; Chromevox itself starts to break down. I defined this issue as “code rot”. That means; it’s sourcecode may be out of date, broken, defective, or it maybe infected by some malware hidden somewhere in Chromevox’s code. That lead you to any of these questions:

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Chromevox Magic: Adjust Navigation Granularity With Draft2Digital

Some people has been struggling with Chromevox running on a self-publishing platform, Draft2Digital. If you recently sign up with this self-publishing platform while you’re using Chromevox on your Chromebook; you may encounter these possible problems. These problems apply to recent versions of Chrome OS. Or if you had a Chrome extension, Chromevox; you may encounter these same problems too!

I found a solution to these problems, and I’m going to share these tips with you.

If you were recently adding a new book, or editing an existing book; and you used a tab key to jump to some focusable elements,–such as an upload button, or something similar… you can choose your book file that contains your updated book, or new file for a new book. Press enter on a selected file. If Chromevox won’t jump back to the browser content; reboot Chromevox by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Z. Press the tab key, and continue your publishing process.

This is the another problem what you’ve never encountered before… Chromevox’s focus element jumps to the bookmarks bar when entering the WYSIWYG editor; most likely this bug hasn’t been fixed at all. You can press Alt-Shift-I to report an issue to the Chrome OS team,–so they can take a closer look. This is common when jumping in/out of the editor when sticky mode is active.

If you were activating the front/end matter, you can use the line or word navigation. You need to go in reverse… and use the space bar to click on these checkboxes what Chromevox has trouble jumping to when tab navigation is being used. However; you can use the mouse to activate these optional items. Useful if you were using a mouse to interact with elements on your browser.

If you were at the preview screen to download your ebook copies, and you struck the next button, and you were returned back to the same page; The hidden checkbox that is required to activate is not activated. You can go forward via object navigation. As you go to the next button; switch it to the word navigation mode. Press the space bar at the hidden check box, and then activate the next button again.

The problem is even worse; you have to choose these vendors with a word navigation, and you might need to go in reverse to do this. If you were done, hit the button, and click on any of the list items that apply to your rights of your content. But don’t forget to activate the hidden checkbox to activate it, and finally hit the publish button. Be sure to revert to object navigation.

If for some reason why you have trouble with Chromevox, just file a bug, and contact support for a website,–where you publish books. It may take some time for the developers to fix the issue.

How this problem is found on Draft2Digital’s website itself,–effecting Chromevox’s performance?

  • Hidden elements causes Chromevox itself to skip all focusable elements,–except for links, buttons, text editing fields, and navigational links.
  • When interacting with combo boxes, you have to press enter, and the up and down arrow keys to hear a selection.
  • Since the site is about image-based, checkboxes, sliders, buttons, combo boxes, text editors, radio buttons, tables, and other elements aren’t friendly for Chromevox users.
  • There’s no screen-reader specific controls available. This is the signs of violations of ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act)
  • There’s no distribution channel where you can implement braille books for some braille readers.
  • There’s no button such as “Basic HTML” for accessibility purposes.

The only work-around for this issue is by using your mouse to interact with this website.

Official Launch Of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy

I’m proud to announce the launch of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy, and I’ve moved from blogger,–so I can keep on writing new content. I’m currently performing a cleanup to reorganize, and republish posts to other locations of my site. This is the reason why Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has moved from my previous host,–to a new host:

  • Make it easy to manage content without any restrictions of free blogging networks. Some free blog hosting networks don’t work right because, some policies may be vague, or laundered.
  • Organizing posts is easier than relying on labels features for some blogging platforms.
  • Host my own ads.

I’ve did all of the hard work moving my content from one host to the another. That enables me to sort all of my content what I’ve written. Usually I tell stories on my blog via fictional stories on my site. And I write it as a book.

You’ve seen lots of websites that were arriving from free site hosts who have too much restrictions! Many people has started to move to the new host. My thoughts of moving to my new web-hosting company is kind of like moving from an apartment what you can rent… to buying a house.

With a free host,–with paid upgrades, you have to abide to their TOS. It’s the same thing as you rent an apartment, or house. With renting either one or the other. With rental homes, you can’t expand your home, or remodel it. It’s kept as is. That also requires you to keep your rental home in good standing. If for some reason, your furnace goes out, you need to contact your landlord to get it fixed for you. Some landlords can provide upgrades to your rental home with a big price. It’s seem kind of expensive for these upgrades. You still need to mow the lawn,–if you have a backyard available.

You have to deal with defects within your rental home. Like bad wiring, leaks, defective appliances, and sometimes rodents entering your home… but vegetarians don’t need pest-controlling services because, vegetarians often keep rodents as companion animals, whenever if they’re big or small. Mice and rats are the known rodents that enter our home. Sometimes landlords often use dangerous traps and poisons to exterminate them. This is seem kind of crual. If one of these mice are legitimate, such as a companion animal; it’s susceptible to false-positives, or eaten by the landlord’s snake as a pest-controller,–or worse. Sometimes rental contracts has a mandatory pest-controlling services what you don’t want to use. Vegetarianism is the TOP excuse. But landlords were ignoring their requests. If your rental home doesn’t use traps, it’s kind of like leaving your website susceptible to spam comments. But you manage them yourself. But the disadvantage is… you’re exterminating mice, but you do NOT have any intention to harm them. You filed a complaint to an organization. You managed to retrive your pet mouse as a companion, and you have to find a different home for you and your mouse. It’s kind of like having your website infected with malware, or your site is about to be deleted. You encountered an illegal eviction notice,–taking advantage of you. And you had an option to file a lawsuit.

Although; you won the lawsuit, but you had the enormous power to easily leave these harsh traps out of your home, it’s by owning your own house. And that’s the story begins for moving to your new home what you’re going to own. You’ve set it up for you and your mouse. You customize your entire home with custom electrical work, custom expansion, custom rooms, and custom heating system,–including replacing gas with electricity.

With owning a house, you don’t need to worry about these pesky restrictions that can infringe the vegetarians’ rights to be nice to mice. You can do just about anything to your house with any of the following,–as the same thing with your self-hosted website:

  • Knock down walls to expand rooms.
  • Customize the interior.
  • Modify your porch.
  • Build balconies for your home,–useful for outdoor furniture. For example you had a wrap-around balcony at the second floor of your home,–after revamping your home.
  • Enclose your porch with screens, and provide a play area, or a viewing deck for your visitors. You can also set out a grill for your outdoor kitchen.
  • Setup a new tea room for your home. Useful for a warm cup of tea during the fall.

However, you need to get your hands dirty when maintaining your own home. Always do any work to your home when needed. You can install a cool new indoor playground, make your home public or private if you wish!

Isn’t that clever to move to a new web-host?


These changes applies to the color scheme of this website itself. Light on dark theme is built to reduce power usage on CRT displays,–if used by a user. That means this color scheme can reduce carbon.

Adjusted the placement of widgets to keep the website organized.

Removed unnecessary banner placements that caused this site to be cluttered. That applies to self-hosted banners.

Particial edits to posts imported from previous host.