Strategic Branding For Your WordPress Multisite

Many site owners of all sizes has been figuring out to rebrand their site to attract new customers. You heard of some site owners who were figuring out a way to brand their site,–after they strategically chosen a domain. However; they’ve been figuring out if they need to stay with their brand for a long time, or redesign their brand for their website.

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Update: Chromevox Still Stalls & Stutters When Writing Posts With Over 5700 Words

Okay… I experimented with writing and editing a post on my website. I managed to reach up to 5700 words on my post via WordPress,–editing stories. This is the another issue what Chromevox developers didn’t say to us. You thought Chromevox is getting better… but this is a sign of false-advertising.

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WordPress Multisite Owners & The Attack Of the Terrorists Groups

Many webmasters has been trying to fight off content that promotes terrorism. Many terror groups, such as ISIS has been using these websites where user-generated content is recently published to the web. Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr, BandCamp, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and other services online may have vague policies against terrorism, but you discovered they didn’t crack down on terrorism what you expected to do so.

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Do About Pages Need Subpages?

Right now; I’m experimenting if an about page for your website need subpages. I’ve been working with my about page on my multisite. Well, about pages can be as long as a book with chapters. For example; you were telling a history about your website what you’re still developing. Whether if you were just building a blogging platform… or you were just writing fictional stories from scratch, having subpages for your about page can be useful if you want to keep relevant information sorted. This is useful if you were just building a static website with posts as a blog section..

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