Are There Really “Web Nomads”?

Some Webmasters are trying to find a reputable hosting company who cares about our planet. And many webmasters has been bringing all of their backed up data with them as they move from one host to the another. That applies to website owners who constantly move from one host to the another when searching for a reputable host, or migrating from one free service to the another as their websites grow bigger and bigger. Like normal nomads, they move constantly, and they don’t stay put… they go places. Usually you start off with relying on a free blogging platform such as: Blogger. Or you wanted to start off with a free version of WordPress hosted by a company who hosts WordPress for you without needing to do all of the technical work. If you are searching for a free hosting service,–before opting for a paid hosting service, you are most likely a “web nomad”! These online nomads like these can virtually move their content from one site to the another overtime.

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Be Careful When Repurposing Your Blogger Blog After Moving To Self-Hosted WordPress!

So, you had a good time with your self-hosted WordPress site,–writing fictional stories, news articles, and maybe some reviews. But you just left your Blogger Blog behind, and no posts to update. Well, you had a plan to repurpose your Blogger blog to write your personal stories, along with personal thoughts… you are monetizing your content all right, but you had trouble with Blogger itself because, Blogger dictates what content is accepted to monetize. By design, Blogger doesn’t allow any adult content to be monetized under any circumstances. This is the sign of content discrimination. Blogger,–owned by Google has too much of their dictatership. Some of their policies are vague, and in some cases, deletion of your blog can lead you to losing your contents. Sometimes… their spam-fighting technology often fails. But self-hosted blogs and sites are built to last,–if you still pay bills for your servers hosted via a company.

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Don’t Cry/Whine Over Your Content Being Used Under Fair-Use

That’s right! There are crybabies everywhere around the world,–crying over their intellectual property being stolen, causing their revenue to go down, and lose market value of their work. However, what critics are doing is fair-use… That’s what some people didn’t even understand at all. All of that whining and crying,–along with filing takedown notices doesn’t solve your problems; it makes it worse… one wrong move may lead your corporation susceptible to lawsuits, and corporate accountability,–and in some cases… forfeiture of your copyrights, trademarks, and even your trade-secrets. Once your copyrights are taken away from you, you can’t get it back! It doesn’t matter how big is your business is, or how famous your characters are,–or even how neat your content is. Fair-use doesn’t do anything bad to your business, your reputation, your revenue, or your assets.

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DRM/Copy-Protection/License-Key Activated Plugins Are NOT Welcomed On WordPress Plugins Directory

There were some plugins that promote copy-protection services that are built to inhibit fair-use… well, I don’t support this scheme because, these schemes are built to make your plugins susceptible to malware. But some companies has violated WordPress’s GPL requirements for people who wanted to reuse GPL-based software. Many people has experienced some issues with these plugins that are still lurking inside WordPress’s plugin directory and repository. Some users has flagged these plugins for abuse of the GPL requirements, but these plugins has been reuploaded again.

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