Are There Really “Web Nomads”?

Some Webmasters are trying to find a reputable hosting company who cares about our planet. And many webmasters has been bringing all of their backed up data with them as they move from one host to the another. That applies to website owners who constantly move from one host to the another when searching for a reputable host, or migrating from one free service to the another as their websites grow bigger and bigger. Like normal nomads, they move constantly, and they don’t stay put… they go places. Usually you start off with relying on a free blogging platform such as: Blogger. Or you wanted to start off with a free version of WordPress hosted by a company who hosts WordPress for you without needing to do all of the technical work. If you are searching for a free hosting service,–before opting for a paid hosting service, you are most likely a “web nomad”! These online nomads like these can virtually move their content from one site to the another overtime.

Some Web Nomads move from a free service to a paid hosting service

If you were moving from Blogger, and you are repurposing your old blogs for other uses… you can find a powerful host that can enable you to host your own content with full control. Controlling your own content is a webmaster’s dream because, they don’t want to be end up affected by the following:

  • Dictatorship of content monetization – I believe most free hosting services dictate which content is suitable for monetization. Blogger is the known free blogging platform who dictates which content should be monetized, or not. If you are an erotic author, and you publish erotica as a living, you may need to be extra careful when you author an erotic blog. If you wanted to keep your blog running, you can work around this problem by publishing ebooks via any of these publishing platforms on the web. However, many website owners who use free blogging platforms are upset because, they had their blogs wrongfully deleted, their content removed, or in a worse cases… a blog locked with an intersticial that only allows a publisher to view contents. No special alternatives of monetizing erotic content available on most free blogging platforms. Since Blogger believes monetizing adult content violates their terms of service. Most adult movie makers don’t like Blogger because, they don’t allow a single link to commercial porn sites.
  • Dictation of content allowed on their websites – It’s like entering a dictatorship where your content is unlawfully removed. YouTube was notorious of unlawful copyright claims against your videos,–especially content uploaded under fair-use. The EFF has condemned YouTube’s unlawful practices, but no change has been made on YouTube itself.
  • The purpose of a paid hosting service is to enable you to host your content without ads on your website. But many people has wasted money on gambling, meat products, toxic cleaning chemicals, rodent traps, illegal weapons, poor quality foods, and even poor quality rental homes. Within our society, some of us are in debt, and we are NOT paying taxes what we should pay on a regular basis. Free blog hosting, or content hosting services are designed for starter usage, Ads displayed on your website is only designed for starter monetization. But you can work around this problem by publishing ebooks. If you can afford a paid hosting service,–after you saved enough money, dive in. Even reputable monetization services can enable you to run your website,–as long as you find one that is right for you. Some ad networks can enable you to price your ad slots, or you can host your own ads yourself, and that’s what some people didn’t even understand!

    Why Do Companies Offer Paid Hosting Services?

    That’s the purpose of offering these services. These companies have over hundreds of thousands of web nomads flowing in, out, or internally of their hosting services. If you are that kind of a webmaster going from one host to the another,–from a free host, you have to choose carefully,–just like regular nomads. As a prospective, if 200,000 erotic authors moved to a paid hosting service, that’s more than enough for a company to stay at float. It’s like migrating to a new nation as a new home, but you can internally move from one package to the another. If these web nomads kept relying on paid hosting services via a subscription, they can support the paid hosting industry. For example: if you moved to GreenGeeks, just like I did… and you start off with a shared server, you are also a virtual neighbor with other web nomads. If a shared server has been crawling with new web nomads, and your customers has kept paying for a service on a regular basis… it can welcome other web nomads to a service. It takes up to 100 users to take up an entire server with 100 GB of storage each.

    Web nomads are most likely to choose a low cost hosting via a reputable hosting company. If they can make money with their site by providing a search engine with ads enabled, that can enable site owners to keep making money. Some web nomads often use search engines via a Google Custom Search engine to add search capabilities to their websites.

    If web nomads were successful of monetizing websites, they usually pay taxes on a regular basis. Usually the money flows from the visitor from a website, to the ad featuring a product what a visitor is interested in purchasing, to the merchant who made a sale of their product/service, to an advertiser who pays for an ad placed on a website via a subscription, CPC, PPC, CPM, etc. The website owner pays for the service on a monthly basis. The money from the customer flows through a desired payment platform, to the merchant who runs the service. The merchant uses the money to pay for equipment to run the service in the background. Sometimes web nomads sign up for reseller hosting to make additional money beyond ads. But they can still migrate from one package to the another overtime,–depending on their budget, or if they saved enough money to migrate to the another plan, if the hosting company is trying to keep up with these web nomads, and they started to overflow their service, the hosting company has to get a stronger server with a large storage media such as a hard disk drive, or a modern SSD that can cope with mass signups, if a hosting company isn’t able to handle a load of legitimate web nomads; their server isn’t going to have any room for new customers, at least they start off as small like offering text-based games for the blind, a static website without a CMS like WordPress. If you have a hosting company, and you have 1000 new web nomads arriving to sign up for your service, and each web nomad is starting off with 1 gb of storage for small blogs, and expand up to 100 gb overtime, you may need high amounts of memory to handle large websites. If you opted to rely on 500 gb of ram for your server,–going beyond your computer’s potential, you can easily load these websites without effort. Supercomputers can load websites with a mass size like normal. If your server has 2 CPUs that run indenpendently, you can able to have a server can handle these powerful websites. If your server has new network cards that can withstand 500 gb of bandwith, and high transfer rate, and you rely on high-quality dedicated parts that can be changed, it can take more power, but users can benefit with performances of your server that is so powerful, you can offer premium services with powerful servers. If you are an oldschool computer kind of a host who only uses DOS as your prefered operating system, or you are going back to DOS; your server may perform differently. This is useful if you exclusively offer hosting that isn’t graphics intense, but text-based. For this instance, you don’t offer CPanel, or any other graphical control panels. But you prefered a text-based control panel. You can use night mode for reducing screen’s power for your customers who exclusively use CRT monitors. That applies to a DOS community who prefer DOS, instead of any other graphics intensed programs.

    Common equipment what hosting companies use are: computers that are configured as servers, network routers that are provided by a cable company, or an internet company who support cable-cutters who don’t use cable TV or your own router, cooling systems with cooling fans, heat-recycling devices for warming offices, and other rooms, wiring, power supplies, backup batteries, racks, flashlights for dark server rooms, rodent-resistant structures, security systems, disk busters/wipers, fire protection systems, steel doors with strong metal cores, blast doors, and more.

    If web nomads don’t rely on paid hosting as a major upgrade, these paid hosting companies may disappear overtime,–after going bankrupt.

    If a web nomad moves to a higher package, and stick to this hosting package, for a decade or so, and kept using this service, the host may alter the price of the current package overtime because, the users who were still relying on this package may fill up a shared server, and the host has to use a larger server to migrate all of these users who were flowing in, and constant payments that are flowing in. If a rich web nomad arrives, and signs up for a powerful hosting service via a reputable host who cares about our planet. If any of these website owners kept expanding their sites, and a small hosting company isn’t able to handle these web nomads, they have to find ways to expand. If they can stick multiple disks to a tower server, you can handle more people. If you have older servers that can still work… you can offer a classic version of hosting with a premium price for some users who like the classics, or people who wanted a retro version of hosting. If you have managed to handle millions of users who were web nomads, more money can pour in monthly, but you have to keep up with your business. If you saved enough money, but your servers still can work, and it requires low maintenance, you can set aside your money for paying taxes, bills, and other expenses, taxes always goe first,–before you do anything else. But if you have enough money to pay more taxes, and your servers are just working fine, and relying on expensive high quality hardware for your servers. If you managed to restore all of your old servers to working state, you can save money on buying/building your new server. However, there’s a problem with your host itself:

    • Your host is relying on low-quality hardware intended for mass-market industries,–unless your hosting company is a mass-market hosting service. However, upgrades to higher quality devices occur overtime. If you start off with a mass-market package, as your host to recycle old defective parts to prevent waste, that can help offset your hosting bill,–unless you wanted to have these defective parts recycled overtime. It may pay for itself, but you may support certain activists.
    • Use of poor quality hardware – This is common for some hosting companies who are sloppy, and rely on expensive commercial software that can be linked to malware attacks. If this is a case, contact your host to fix this problem. Poor quality hardware from sources where knockoffs are sold are the problem. or it could be a hosting company struggling,–due to financial issues, fraud, loss of customers, loss of revenue, debt, and other issues.
    • Supporting coal industries – If this hosting company supports a coal industry, you must move to a new hosting company who don’t support coal. If you petitioned this host to cut ties with a coal industry, it may take some time for a hosting company to switch to green energy companies, or they can run an offgrid powersystem.
    • Supporting gun advocates – This is a problem for some people who were the victims of gun violence. If a host has heard a news about gun violence, a hosting company must cut ties with a gun rights group. If your host supports any of the gun advocates, switch to a different host immediately.
    • Crude oil support – If your host supports the oil industry, you need to find the another host. Crude oil should never be explored, but renewable oil should be explored to help cut pollution.

    Some hosting companies has some issues with their newly signed up users. Terrorists has used their services to promote terrorism, this is the case if you are being blown by Islamic territories where terrorism has been condoned. This is a sign of corruption. However, web nomads who were trying to host their sites must find a different host where terrorism is prohibited. These web crooks often take copyrighted content for terrorism-based content on their website. These hosts didn’t even terminate 1 single entity for terrorism.

    Web nomads on SSI are susceptible to limited use of their money. Since SSI is intended for people who don’t have a job… but some people has phased out SSI when they started making money with their website.

    Web nomads come in many shapes and sizes,–and colors.

    Free Hosting Platforms Are Only Used For Starting Your Site

    Web nomads always start off with free platforms offered by a search engine. Google is the known company who offer an array of services like YouTube, Blogger, Google Sites, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Custom Search, Publishing service for Google Play Books, and more. They also offer Google App Engine as their hosting service. Third party hosting services are always competing for the best services, and that’s how web nomads move from one service to the another as they expand.

    As web nomads expand… they leave the free service, and repurpose their old sites to allow users to view new content. now these days, we publish content with a later date. This is important because, web nomads can schedule posts to be published via a season,–just like the pro bloggers do!

    If you are a web nomad, think about why you should think twice before you start your own website. And be sure to do your homework by choosing a hosting company who is right for you.

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