Applying DRM to your ebooks can pollute our environment? Yes it will in my opinion!

Some authors didn’t even understand. If you apply DRM to your books; you’re actually causing damage to our environment. Millions of DRM-enabled ebooks can cause global warming to speed up, and cause our towns to be flooded by sea water. If you are an activist who care about saving the environment, consider turning off DRM for your ebooks. DRM-free ebooks are less likely to pollute our environment.

Applying DRM is not for me because, if you are applying DRM to your books; you’re supporting dirty fuels, and you can produce millions of tons of carbon per day. It’s kind of like blasting smoke from the coal-burning plant that is used to generate power. And you also support mining for coal, and removal of mountain tops,–causing our clean water supply to be unusable, and at risk of toxic damage,–caused by a coal-burning plant.

Almost everyone rely on DRM for protecting their content, but this form of protection can lead to damages to our planet. For example; drilling for oil in the cold section of our planet up north. Many people wanted to stop the drilling rigs from harming our vital environment for these amazing animals who lived in the super cold conditions.


If you take a limit of devices when authorizing a DRM-enabled book via dirty software; you can produce 25 pounds of carbon per second. Any form of copyright-protection schemes always pollute our planet day by day. All of the money what vendors spent on expenses for DRM systems. The tax-payer money has been linked to dirty fuels that we don’t want to use. Relying on DRM is bad for our planet. Since I skipped DRM for my projects, I rather choose an open-source route for my content what I create from scratch.

Since copyright reform is being established; many lobbyist tried to spoof customers to force them to rely on DRM for everyday consumer products what we use for our lifetime. If DRM contains malware, and many consumers are so upset,–due to virus concerns; everyone will start to leave DRM off their work, and save the planet… for good!

Copy-protection is the highly used scheme on the face of the planet,–wrongfully inhibiting fair-use, and many people believed use of copy-protection schemes are defective by design. CDs, tapes, DVDs, BDs, and even digital copies are most likely to have hidden malware,–causing our computers to be infected for a long time. The Free Software Foundation has criticized use of DRM for our content for the long time. SmashWords, and other self-publishing platforms who boycotted DRM are most likely to attract more visitors who wanted to read books without DRM. By default; Draft2Digital has DRM turned off by default. And that works for me. If I placed DRM on my books, and 1 customer encountered a virus when reading my book; that can be a disaster! My solution; is to rely on open-source licenses for my books. I decided to do this trick because, intellectual property laws sucks, and the copyright law sucks! Anti-piracy measures are too expensive, and dangerous.

Some creators are sneaky to spoof customers online. I defined it as DRM laundering. And many copyright trolls has started to launder licenses, policies, and even other misuse of intellectual rights. Copyright laundering is currently happening everywhere. Harming the public domain content; open-source licensed, and freely available content that we used everyday. In my opinion; many companies has been “poaching” public domain content,–all without crediting the public domain content publisher. I will not do it,–if I had a company. I rather stay open-source, and focus on publishing open-source content.

Endless loopholes,and other copyright corruption has caused lots of issues around the world. Since many of the creators who are lobbying for DRM has caused lots of trouble. YouTube,–owned by Google is the top troublemaker on the face of the planet, allowing copyright trolls to promote misuse of copyright. Copyfraud is bad, and if you fraudulently claim copyright by using content-ID, YouTube’s barberric copyright-protection scheme, that may land you in court. And copyright misuse is on the rise. In my opinion, it’s been linked to money laundering, and other financial crime. Although; Google AdSense has covered up all of the dirty money,–making it look like nothing bad happened at all. But you can still find out if money laundering has been established.

And speaking about troublemakers who rely on DRM… these trolls has been polluting our world by supporting dirty fuels. But not just these troublemakers what I mentioned earlier, DMCA, TPP, and other dirty legislations are the biggest troublemakers in the USA. These bad guys are the true polluters who are speeding up melting of the ice caps.

Most broadcasting industries rely on DRM as well, but the catch is; they’re supporting the AG-GAG bill that masks cruelty in factory farms, and other places,–where animal-abusers are located. This is beyond worse nightmares for customers who rely on cable, and other TV services,–including the internet around the world. Censorship is the known form of DRM that harms our internet freedom.

If you care about DRM-free lifestyles; say “no” to DRM-enabled content, and any other copy-protection schemes. And do boycott any of the third parties such as: Apple Inc, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, and other troublemakers who are mistreating customers who don’t want DRM. If you still rely on Apple devices, Microsoft’s products, and Adobe’s services; simply just DUMP them, and replace them with open-source alternatives. If you are a creator who still creates content everyday; switch to open-source, and DUMP DRM as well.

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