Chromevox Still Stall and stutter when writing long posts with over 4000 words

For… the past years; I figured out why Chromevox is still stalling when writing long posts that contains over 4000 words. I’ve been figuring out why Chromevox still stalls when writing extremely long posts via self-hosted WordPress, Blogger, Bandcamp, Editpad, Google+, and other text-editing programs. If you were using Chromevox,–even the newer version… WATCH OUT… stalling still occurs,–not limited to typing fast, but typing slowly. If you’re not sure if you still have a problem what I’m still experiencing… I’ll show you how to reproduce that problem, and send it to the developers of Chromevox,–after you reproduced a problem.

If you were a blind experienced coder who writes code for software, or write fictional stories… you may experience these problems with Chromevox when using a Chromebook, or Chromebox.

If you were using a Blogger platform to write content

If you were relying on a free blogging service via Blogger on your Chromebook… and you already had Chromevox enabled; follow these steps:

  1. Go to Blogger, and pick a blog of choice to edit.
  2. Edit or create a new post.
  3. Switch to HTML mode, and start writing your post. Be sure to have your recorder ready to capture Chromevox’s speech.
  4. Keep typing up your content, and save your draft post often.
  5. On each day of editing your draft post, write new content. Always add a <–more–> tag to prevent large posts from hogging up the main page of your blog.
  6. Publish your new post.
  7. Listen to your recording… If you discovered stuttering of Chromevox itself; most likely… Chromevox itself is taking up too much memory.

Disabling some of these extensions may help, but you need to experiment with removing some of these extensions that you don’t need on your device.

If you already did this… most likely Chromevox itself is falling apart. If you were using a recent version of Chromevox.. use Chromevox-A-I to send feedback,–ragarding Chromevox issues.

For self-hosted WordPress Users

  1. Log into your WordPress site what you run yourself.
  2. Create a new post, and switch it to text mode for HTML formatting.
  3. Use the word count gage to determine how many words in this text field will cause Chromevox to stall and stutter. If you managed to reach 8000 words or more… most likely Chromevox is stalling constantly.
  4. Save or publish your new post.

Word count feature via WordPress is useful if you want to figure out how much it takes for Chromevox to Stall.


Blogger,–owned by Google Inc. doesn’t have a word counting feature. That will make it too difficult to figure out how much of these words that cause Chromevox to stall.

Why Chromevox is still stuttering and stalling when writing long posts?

Chromevox’s operating word count is only up to 1000 words inside the text field,–not the visual editor. That can cause some blind Chromebook users to have a difficult time with Chromevox. This can result to software engineers to use a different screen-reader, or a different computer.

Chromevox is built to run in browsers, but it’s taking up lots of processing power,–causing your device to consume more energy. And it doesn’t have any functionality to insert a custom screen-reader.

Got any stories about Chromevox stalling, or you want to share your experience with this stalling screen-reader… leave comments below this post.

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