Even Anti-Spam Measures Can Be Circumvented By Professional Spammers!

As I was about to write a next post on my website via WordPress, I encountered some mysterious comments, and there’s no possibility to figure out who left a reply on my post. I did have my anti-spamming tools installed,–helping to protect my multisite against spam comments, website usage, and spam social links posted on my social networking site. If you encountered this issue, most likely, bots are now capable of going around varification mechanisms, and post unsolicited content to your website, and your multisite network. Your robots.txt file isn’t immuned to these bad bots at this time. Spammers often use hosting providers to send spam to your website with automated software or scripts what they’ve developed. Professional scammers often mask their IP addresses, and even encrypt their sites to prevent detection by their own hosts. WordPress users may experienced this issue, and you may need to implement reputable anti-spam software to keep spambots at bay!
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SSI Receivers & The Investment Strategies

Many people who receive SSI are rigged with limitations. For this instance; you have a plan to be an invester who rather let your money work for you. However; you were living from paycheck to paycheck, adding your money to your banking account, and keeping your account below $2,000. This is a common limit for SSI receivers who were blind; deaf, have mental problems, etc. Typically, SSI is designed for older communities who no longer work for a company where they used to be employed. That can range from retiring, to job loss,–after an injury. Young folks via younger communities who were disabled also rely on SSI to keep themselves financially at float. However; SSI is funded by tax payers like you. Government debt is common in the US. And government officials has finding way to get out of debt like this.

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If you Are A Blind Website Owner Who Relies On Reseller Hosting – Watch Out For The Attack Of The Pirates!

What’s the point about being a reseller for a hosting platform,–establishing your own platform for hosting websites for free or paid subscriptions? Hosting a hosting platform for hosting websites enable your users tohost their websites and post content like text, images, and other content formats. Some people post movies what they’ve made from scratch, along with software. Being a reseller for your customers is awsome,–except for some customers who turn into pirates who really take revenue from software developers, movie studios, and music artists

Within this article, we will tell you why you have to be extremely careful when being a reseller for your customers while you’re blind.

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Resellers Via Reseller Hosting Should Be Very Careful When Offering Services To Their Clients!

So, you had a set of packages what you’ve strategically implemented for your clients. Although; you’ve expected anyone to sign up to host their website on your server when you are a reseller… some of your customers often had a scheme designed to affect you, and your website. Many hosting providers often have TOS pages that govern use of their services, but some hosts often do other schemes to affect legitimate customers who legally use their services. They’ve often do a scheme, to attempt receiving a quantity of customers, I defined this scheme as a “host mill”.

When drafting your TOU page; you may need to add details to your terms,–so your users can understand what do your terms mean, and explain why users should accept your terms of your website, and your services what you offer to the public. At this case, I implemented terms that will terminate any copyfraudster accountable for copyfraud!

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Which Should I Choose To Present Content… Static Html Files Or Use CMS?

So, you are deciding on using a CMS like WordPress or you wanted to just drop in your html files for your website. Those are multiple ways to display content on your website. Sometimes, it may affect how much storage what you will take up overtime. And sometimes, your space on your server gets crowded with some of these SQL files. These files can take up more space than a static html file can take.

If you can take a closer look of your site’s disk space, via your control panel, you can see why your hosting provider has set your storage via your hosting plan. These hosting plans are set by a company,–so they can set special uses for your website. For this instance, you host a text-adventure gaming site for your gamers who are blind, most of these games don’t use graphics, but text on their browsers. Most of these games are implemented with a group of html files linked, or a JS file that tells an html page what to do. Javascript files are useful for programming text-based games, and they don’t need databases to display content, and they don’t take up processor power.

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