Resellers Via Reseller Hosting Should Be Very Careful When Offering Services To Their Clients!

So, you had a set of packages what you’ve strategically implemented for your clients. Although; you’ve expected anyone to sign up to host their website on your server when you are a reseller… some of your customers often had a scheme designed to affect you, and your website. Many hosting providers often have TOS pages that govern use of their services, but some hosts often do other schemes to affect legitimate customers who legally use their services. They’ve often do a scheme, to attempt receiving a quantity of customers, I defined this scheme as a “host mill”.

When drafting your TOU page; you may need to add details to your terms,–so your users can understand what do your terms mean, and explain why users should accept your terms of your website, and your services what you offer to the public. At this case, I implemented terms that will terminate any copyfraudster accountable for copyfraud!

Being A Reseller For Your Customers To Host Websites Is Fun… But Terrorism Is Not!

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find legitimate customers who were your trusted users… terrorists often use your services to carry out communications to each terror group to plot any terror attack. Terrorism is the known threat to our society. You may need to check each website for possible signs of terrorism. For example; you had a customer from Turkey, and you discovered content linked to terrorism. It takes a law-enforcing agency to gather data, and find the person accountable for providing materials to terror groups.

Most Islamic territories are the known sources of terrorism. If you are concerned reseller, get help from a hosting provider immediately!

Terrorism isn’t predictable, it’s up to your customers to report a problem, or tell the reseller to track down signs of terrorism stored on a reseller’s servers. If you have 10 users, and you believed 4 users are terrorists causing a problem with your reputation; you had the right to terminate a terrorist from your service. These terrorists often mask addresses to keep themselves from being tracked down by authorities!


A user, Ahmed signs up for your hosting service on your server. You offer 12 hosting packages.

You received a payment after he signed up for your expensive hosting service with a premium package.

Ahmed creates a static website, and writes content that promotes Islamic culture, and other Islamic content.

He launches a CMS to enable his users to create blogs, and other content.

Ahmed provides material to other terror groups around the world. However; what Ahmed is doing… is an illegal communication with his website.

You got help from your hosting provider.

You were instructed to preserve content as evidence to enable authorities to track down Ahmed, and terminate his account,[[after you were prompted by a court.

Ahmed was officially arrested by the FBI for terrorism.

Ahmed was sent to prison, and his internet priviliges has been limited. His father takes over his hosting account to figure out what went wrong as he was instructed by authorities to get his account seized.

You as a host removes his account. But his father who condemned terrorism writes something different on his own website. He writes about ways to prevent terrorism. Since he’s a skilled writer; he develops a campaign to help stop terrorism.

Years went by, Ahmed’s dad has supported efforts to stop terrorism by paying more taxes, and refusing to own weapons. Ahmed was released from prison, but he can’t use the internet for hosting his own website because, he can be an online risk to our internet-based community. He has to rely on a free hosting service that is monitored by a search engine owned by any company what you can think of.

His father has told Ahmed not to use your service because, you banned Ahmed from your service,–due to terrorism.

Why This Is A Problem?

If you are a reseller of these services, you may experience these difficulties with your customers. Some people who sign up for your services can commit fraud without warning! Causing you to be end up with these financial and legal difficulties. Concerned resellers should be handled with care because, they need to be protected against fraudulent signups caused by terrorists who commit fraud.

That can also affect blind resellers who often resell services via any hosting provider who offer reseller hosting. Blind users are susceptible to high levels of fraud, losses, and terrorists attacking their services.

Sometimes; your ability to find terrorists on your server, and attempting to terminate them can be difficult.

What You Should Do?

  • Don’t let any member of a terror group use your services – this is important to keep your websites, and your clients safe. Always let your clients know if they found a terrorist using your service. Your clients must report a problem immediately.
  • Draft a TOS page that is detailed enough to prevent terrorists from signing up for your services – this is important to help other clients understand why terrorism is prohibited.
  • Always terminate accounts used by terrorists – this is important to protect you, and your hosting provider. This is also important to help others to cut terrorism.
  • Don’t do any business with terror-linked mosques – you should be very cautious when you offer websites for any organization. Terror-linked mosques are common in the USA and other countries.

The Attack of the Copyright Mill

Copyfraudsters often run “copyright mills” to fraudulently claim copyright to materials what they don’t actually own. Disney is the known corporation who is running a secret copyright mill. Copyright mills are the known issues what public domain communities who were trying to use legitimate public domain content. Being a big company doesn’t make you immuned to being held accountable for copyfraudsters. If you are a reseller, you have to implement a policy that will make it a violation to facilitate copyfraud. This is necessary to prevent anyone from defrauding the public domain, and anybody’s work.

If your copyrights expire, or becomes forfeited; your content goes to the public domain. Many copyright-owners can hord all of their content overtime.

Why This Is A Problem?

Copyright mills are dangerous, and they’re fraudsters on steroids! These mills are so powerful, even they can shoot fraudulent lawsuits, and copyright notices that are fraudulent too!

What You Should Do?

Don’t do any business with large corporations who you believed is a copyfraudster.

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