Update: Chromevox Still Stalls & Stutters When Writing Posts With Over 5700 Words

Okay… I experimented with writing and editing a post on my website. I managed to reach up to 5700 words on my post via WordPress,–editing stories. This is the another issue what Chromevox developers didn’t say to us. You thought Chromevox is getting better… but this is a sign of false-advertising.

The Experiment

If it never happens on your Chrome device before, and you were using Chromevox on Blogger… but you moved to a self-hosted WordPress site. You’re about to write an extremely long post to share it with your friends. Your goal is to write the longest post on your blog/website. You wanted to be a writer like a pro. But stalling via Chromevox has begun!

I edited my post on my main site, and I decided to do some work to improve my fictional stories. These fictional stories were originated from my old blog hosted on Blogger,–owned by google. Since Blogger doesn’t have word count… I have to rely on writing extremely long posts to make my blog kind of “kosher” for my visitors. These visitors wanted to be readers of my website, or users who wanted to see what’s new with our website.

I update my post on a regular basis,–fixing errors, and updating links. I rely on a word count feature to figure out how many words does it take to make Chromevox stall. Since textareas where you write post content doesn’t have any scroll bars for HTML view… this is kind of difficult for some screen-reader users to use this field to write long posts. However; I managed to write up to 5700 words. But I’ll not going to stop here because, my goal is to find out if Chromevox has any performing limits. The reason why I push my writing experience to the limits because, my goal is to write like a pro. And unlike most screen-readers… Chromevox is designed to work with Chrome browsers. But overtime… Chromevox begins to stall when you reach the longest part of your content.

I listen to each part of a word what Chromevox is breaking when trying to respond to my fast typing, or slow typing. RAM usage may be a problem, but its the processing power that is taking up the system’s resources. This is common for most screen-readers that are susceptible to memery leaks. Sometimes; if you turned off all of your extensions that are NOT in use; and you believe Chromevox is taking lots of power; most likely Chromevox is taking up some RAM too. If you can go to the task manager; you can find the problem.

The results of my experiment are:

  • I managed to pass 5700 words when Chromevox is running.
  • Chromevox stalls and stutters when writing extremely long posts.
  • Delay of response of Chromevox itself.
  • Chromevox doesn’t have a feature to turn on dynamic scrolling when writing extremely long posts.
  • This issue still pops up as you use Chromevox as you use a CMS system on your own server.

    To Perform This Experiment

    1. Turn on your Chrome device of choice.
    2. Turn on Chromevox, and choose either classic or next.
    3. Log into your device.
    4. Log into your WordPress website, and create a new post.
    5. Give your post a title, and write it down. Use HTML view instead of a visual view. If you were using syntax-highlighting features… turn them of to revert your text field to a large textarea.
    6. Try to reach up to 5700 words or higher.
    7. Save your post often.
    8. Publish your post,–after you are done writing. If you were writing a series… repeat the steps above.

    If you were using a blogging platform, Blogger… you may need to experiment with your writing skills. But you have to figure out how many words or characters will it take to stall Chromevox.

    If you managed to bypass 5700 words without any trouble… that means; you are pushing Chromevox to the limits.


    If you write a long post… the textarea gets higher than your screen. That applies to textareas without scroll bars. This can be a headache when you have trouble with writing extremely long posts the are designed to keep your readers reading your post for a long time. The advantage is, you can have lots of people reading your work without any worries about shallow content. But the catch is; Chromevox may stall.

    Think about the text editor on your computer; the field gets wider, and the scrollbars appear to reduce size of your screen. NVDA, Talk Back, and other screen-readers can handle wide editors.

    Why Chromevox is stalling?

    This is a new mystery what I’m currently solving… I’m figuring out what is the source of Chromevox’s stalling points. And I have to make the another experiment to target the source.

    So far, I discovered Chromevox is using too much processing power,–causing electrical resources to be used up]p so fast, you have to reconnect to power to charge up your batteries.

    My machine often gets hot when Chromevos is running,–during the time of writing long posts that are longer than 5700 words.

    It could be some unused files within Chromevox that is causing some issues. There’s no dedicated extensions that will help Chromevox reduce all of the workload, or resources.

    There’s no SAAS version of Chromevox, nor an alternative screen-reader that works like Chromevox.

    What to do if Chromevox stalls?

    File a bug by using Cvox-A-I for Chromevox Next users, or Alt-Shift-I for Classic Chromevox users.

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