Where Should I Implement My Drean Journal?

Many people who run single WordPress site as a traditional blog. Most traditional blogs has been implemented by many people all over the world. That can range from a single blogger to multiple authors on 1 blog,–sharing it. However some people who were running a blog wanted to write a dream journal too! You are using categories, but you wanted to implement a dedicated blog where your thoughts of your dreams can be shared to the public,–like most bloggers around the world. It is possible to share these dreams what you had for a long time. This is very useful if you wanted to have dedicated topics, and categories that will keep your content sorted.

Dream journals can come in many sizes,–ranging from big to small. You can start a dream blog when you first starting your own site via any paid hosting platform… or you can start from a free blogging platform. But some free blogging platforms has too much dictatorship of what content is allowed.

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Should I Place Ads On My Online Dream Journal Or Implement A Donation Link?

Many dream journalists are choosing if they wanted to implement ads on their dream journal, but some dream journalists prefered to use a donation button as a way for their visitors to support their blogs. But some dream journalists were scared of trolls who were causing issues with their dream blogs online!

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Dream Journalists and the Attack of the Trolls

Many dream journalists may have dreams that references to fictional characters, fictional places, movies made by people, books written by authors, music written by artists, and TV shows wcreated by everyday people around the world. But many of these corporations has been attacking dream blogs,–wrongfully shutting them down. This is kind of an issue for some people who wanted to share their dreams what they had each night, or historic dreams from a long time ago.

Many corporations has been complained about their fictional characters being used on anyone’s dream blogs, usually, dream blog content. Crying over your characters that are being used on a dream blog makes it worse for your creators who were making content for your company, or organization. Many of these original creators has been whining over their characters being used on anyone’s dream blogs,–at this case… your dream blog has a reference to a fictional place where you interacted with a cartoon character what you dreamed of. However; your site don’t have any ads because, your dream blog is kind of like your thoughts from your dream what you had last night.

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Use The “Disable Blogging” Plugin To Make It Easier To Create A Static Website

Some webmasters wanted to implement a static website instead of a blog because, they wanted to setup a website that is dedicated to run services, such as enabling advertisers to purchase ad slots, or running a support site, or just running a website with advanced information.

Although; some people wanted to run a static website,–instead of a traditional blog when using self-hosted WordPress. Whether if you had a sigle installs of WordPress that is dedicated to do each function. You wanted to run your own social networking site that is an alternative to a common social networking site that is indeed out of shape, or too much ads spying on your computer. However; I’m still experimenting with my website,–trying to fix up my support site, and find the way to rewrite articles that are outdated.

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WordPress Magic: When Writing Posts As Chapters In A Book… Use 1 Category

Wondering about these posts what I write as chapters in a book on my main site? Long before,–during the time of my content hosted on Blogger,–owned by google. I experimented on writing blog posts as chapters in a book. Writing a blog as a book is the another way of using your website as a online book what you are writing. Whether if you were just writing a simple fictional story, or a set of stories like a box of books. But some people didn’t even understand. If you didn’t provide categories to your set of posts, your stories won’t be organized as you expected to be organized.

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