What Should I Use My Ubuntu Computer For?

Okay, you just finally ditched Windows, and you are ready to dive into Linux. However; some people has came up with different uses for their Linux machines. That can range from game development to regular use of a machine,–including business use.

Currently, I am using my Ubuntu machine to work on my website, and develop gamebooks and other good things.

Although; some people don’t understand what kinds of things what you can do with your Linux machine.

Some people have these following questions:

Can I use my Ubuntu machine, and develop software for work?

Can I just use my Ubuntu machine for only writing books?

Can I use my Ubuntu machine to view photos?

Can I use my Ubuntu machine for developing games?

Can I use my Ubuntu machine to make anime, and manga?

Those questions above are common.

You can use your Ubuntu machine with your intended purpose, but you may need to be careful because, 1 bad choice can result your Ubuntu computer being seized, and it may land you in court. Here are the following things what you should NEVER do if you have an Ubuntu machine:

  • Child pornography (period)
  • Copyfraud
  • Terrorism
  • Bullying
  • Spank threats
  • Death threats
  • Counterfeiting
  • Firearms

If you were using your Ubuntu machine for business, you still need to protect it against hacking, despite being a secure OS, like most Linux distributions.

Your Ubuntu machine is your creation hub as you code software for a Linux community. However; you should plan before using Ubuntu as your primary Os.

Although; if your company migrates to Linux in the first place, that should’ve saved them over hundreds or thousands of dollars for a long run. Most company still use Windows, owned by Microsoft. This OS is usually a primary OS for most PCs because, they’re installed by manufacturers what we know today.

If you are planning on using your Ubuntu machine for movie production, you may need to choose software that is right for your production.

If you are using your Ubuntu machine for producing light novels, you should be very careful when featuring children in your story because, there’s a very tiny gray area that is too difficult to reach. Most people who write light novels rely on Windows as a default OS for essential uses.

If you are just using an Ubuntu machine for developing games, you may need to find software that will run in your system.

If you are using Ubuntu as your primary OS for producing anime, you may need to find software that is available.

If you were using Ubuntu to write books, you need to be careful when making content for your audience.

Typically, I use my Ubuntu computer for writing books, managing websites, game development, and even running rewarding apps that work only on the internet. I also use my machine for paying bills. With a secure design of Linux, there’s no worry about viruses, but I still need to watch out for phishing emails and websites.

Your Ubuntu computer isn’t just a typical computer, you can code software, games, applications, firmware, and other goodies what you can make from scratch. Don’t just use your Ubuntu machine for regular computing, dive into coding.

Unlike Windows, you own a copy of your OS in your machine. Linux is an open-source OS what you should transition to!

If you have Virtualbox installed, you can run other variants of Linux machines, or try out other OSs what you’re dreamed of relying on.

Also, if you are using your Ubuntu computer for food production, stick with Japanese food regulations because, food regulations in the United States don’t always go as planned!

However; you can’t play commercial DVDs within Ubuntu because, you need to be comfortable with going DRM-free and find other alternatives for playing media like finding a streaming platform what you trust. If you are protecting your privacy, always get a DVD player that doesn’t use an internet connection.

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