[FAQ] I only use GreenGeeks as my preferred host… Where should I host my website that is only suitable for adult audience?

So, you have a virtual private server for your website that is free to view for your general audience like children, teenagers, and adults alike,–all without sexualized content. However; you are about to create the anotherwebsite that is going to be suitable for adults only, but you don’t want to get the burden of having to be cluttered with 2 sites on one server via 2 domains.

You need to set up a new domain that is suitable for a website that is suitable for adults over 21 years of age. However; pornography is out of this question!

What Should I Write About On My New Website For Adults Only?

Like other websites, you need to write something that is interesting and entertaining for others to read. However; some people has these additional questions:

  • Can I run an adult website, and place a paywall over it to make some money?
  • Can I run an adult website without sexual content (including pornography)?
  • Can I write an adult website with an educational purpose?
  • Can I sell things on my adult website (excluding sex toys, sexual services, and other sexual products/services)?
  • Can I just write erotic fiction and romance fiction books, and promote it on my adult website, alongside my creative works what I made myself?

You can create something interesting on your website, as long its legal and safe for your audience. However; you may need to be careful what you write on your website because, 1 specific content what you post to your servers can cancel your hosting accounts, your websites, and even your payment platform accounts, and land you in court. Here are the following content types that are illegal… you should avoid these at all costs:

  • Child pornography (period)
  • Advocating for gun rights
  • Rape, incest, sexual violence, and other sexual abuse of anyone
  • Terrorism plots
  • Gun violence plots
  • Bullying plots
  • Spanking plots
  • Corporal punishment plots (period)
  • Illegal gambling services
  • Crime plots
  • Illegal gun sales, or illegal sales of gun parts
  • Counterfeiting of currency or financial instruments
  • Scams
  • Child grooming plots (period)
  • Revenge Pornography
  • Racism plots

If you are writing an adult website that is associated with your licensed business that is targeted towards adults; you may need to add an age barrier to your website to keep children from viewing your adult content. Normally, adult content should be placed behind paywalls, that enable sex workers to have some money to sustain themselves. However; Don’t do what Porn Hub just did to some people who are victims of exploitation caused by this platform.

All websites that are targeted towards adults need a valid license to run these adult websites, and provide information about safety to help prevent sexual violence of women at all costs.

If you add a paywall to your adult website, and don’t post images, this is a true adult website without images being displayed. If your site contain images, they must be protected by a paywall by 100%. This is necessary to prevent minors from viewing this kind of content.

If you are writing long posts for your visitors who are members of your website, you should remove an email subscription box from your website, and replace it with a paid subscribe button.

My Experiments

Here are my experiments what I am doing as a way to keep my non-adult website and adult website separate:

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy

This is my long term project what I still currently working with via craftsmanship. I set this site up via multiple subdomains as a way to sort content to ease the chance of cluttering. However; having subdomains is necessary to keep my site organized. However; this website is essential to be open and free for other people to read like a book.

This website is still a mess,–after arriving from Blogger, and cleanup is still happening behind the scenes!

This website is already set to be used for my future business what I want to run, and implement a studio.

Mermaids Oceans & Fantasy

This is a paid subscription-based website for paying members who want to read romance fiction what I am experimenting to write for my adult audience who believe in mermaids, or get inspired to write erotic books with mermaids included.

This is going to be a site where posts are published for a later date intentionally. This is necessary to ensure paying members get fresh content on a later date. All members can view this specific content because, they pay for content what they want to view with quality, and entertainment. I am still experimenting on locking down my entire collection of paid content on Mermaids Oceans & Fantasy.

Only allow payment by check

To help reduce the burden of payment platforms dealing with this website, I decided to only allow check payments as a mode of payment for my site as a way to help keep this site rewound back to the times when paper checks are a source of payment. Also, that provides more safety for anyone’s payment cards as a way to help keep our adult site running with ease and keeping it expensive as possible. Adult sites are supposed to be expensive for customers because, high prices are necessary to enforce safety. Adult sites should use check payments because, a check is tied to a person’s bank account with an authorized account holder.

With this method of payment; I can get a check in a mail, and take it to a bank and get it cashed, of deposited later on. Check payments doesn’t just enable me to get a hold of a physical check… that will also enable me to see if this check can go through. Having a NSF policy is important because, that enables me to stack up fees for an NSF check for my customers who sent bad checks.

By having offline payments; no online hacking can take this physical check.

If I have verified paid members; I can manually start or renew their memberships on my platform.

If you have a VPS server, but you don’t want to host your adult site there; you can set up a new server to host your adult account.

Do to this:

  1. Visit GreenGeeks website and create a new account for your hosting service for your adult site. Always go for a stronger hosting plan because, you want to keep your website teaming up subscribers who are verified subscribers.
  2. Setup a domain what you’ve purchased earlier.
  3. Pick software to write your content. WordPress and other site software are available to use free of charge.
  4. Implement a paywall and write your new content like usual.
  5. Prepare to count your checks to figure out how much money what you’ve just made.


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