WordPress Multisite Users & The Fallen Webmasters

However; you are a user of a multisite ran by this person for many years,–at the age of 40 or higher… at this case, you are about to report a problem with your website because, you suspected there’s a powerful infection that is causing your website to be copyrighted by anyone else,–known as copyfraud schemes. This is common for some people who care about creating something new. You relied on many of these ad networks, but a recent ad crisis has been causing some issues with some people who wanted to monetize content on their websites.

Although; you didn’t get a response because, the webmaster is not doing his/her job, or may be the webmaster is asleep. This is common for some deceptive webmasters, but they’re NOT deceptive at all! In fact, the webmaster has fallen, and he/she can’t get back up. If you are not sure what’s going on at the workings of the website. That means, someone may be in the hospital,–after a fall in a cellar, or any parts of a home.

Somehow, some webmasters got into trouble by laws in some countries, but we’re NOT supporting Sharia laws because, Sharia laws are the top infringers on the face of the planet. However; some webmasters has been end up behind bars for some criminal acts that are most likely to be the issue what you as a site user has experienced.


Some Webmasters Has Fallen Via Accidents Or Experience Any Serious Emergencies… Such As A Fall, Heart Attack, Etc.

What Do I Mean?

Let’s pretend I’m the user of your website. And you are the owner of the multisite. Me… as a user may never know if you are still okay. However; I can still use your website, and I can still post content what I create from scratch. However; you set yourself up to have your bills paid automatically with your desired payment platform, or card,–automating your financial responsibility. You as a webmaster has a job to run your website, and me is your customer. Not all webmasters are expected to live a life without any critical medical events… such as a fall, fire danger, or any other medical emergency. If you live in a home alone,–without any of these devices that will save your life via medical emergencies; you are most likely to be end up stranded without any emergency help what you need,–if you fell, or you had a car accident,–or even a workplace accident.

If this is the case, the webmaster will have trouble with your website in the future. But some of the other customers thought this website will be running on its own, but that is a myth! The webmaster needs to take some of these important safeguards. That way; if they had medical emergencies… such as a serious fall, this is important for safety, and their helth. Well older people wanted to live alone without losing independence. That’s why medical alarms are necessary for contacting emergency help. For example; you as a webmaster was minding your own business,–getting ready to file your taxes, and pay your important tax bills like usual. You had boxed up your files, and you are about to get your boxes ready for shipping to the department where your taxes are filed. You were just carrying your large box upstairs, but you slipped and tumbled down stairs. You wore a fall sensor unit, and you just pressed a button to get help via a watch format. And that’s when you activated the main unit to get help. You aren’t able to respond to the operator because, you had trouble speaking. However; your fall detector has worked the right way… establishing an emergency call. The ambulance arrives to help you get back on your feet. The EMS open your doors with a stretcher, and finds you at your primary staircase where you strategically installed these devices that require them to be numbered,–identifying which unit is which. They loaded you on to a stretcher, then they loaded you onto an ambulance, and shipped you to a hospital to get you all fixed up. Your grandchild was lucky enough to catch you before you had a serious injury that may be fatal. Well, you need to be in a hospital for a while because, they have to do some major operations, and repair broken parts of you.

However; some of these webmasters don’t wanted to use these safety devices,–until its too late! Untold, over 22+ webmasters hasn’t even used their websites to update software, security, features, and other forms of updating their websites because, they’re hospitalized for many days, aren’t able to use a computer,–due to difficulties reaching a laptop, or a desktop computer.

Now these days, medical alarms are being installed to homes around the USA, and other countries. Like other alarms, they call emergency services for you,–without needing to dial an emergency number; that can also offset bandwith, resources, minutes, and other features.

Breaking It Down

You had fallen down. What we just mentioned above… you pressed the button to get help because, you fallen. You aren’t able to speak clearly. You had broken your leg, or arm. You were just at the flight of stairs where you go to the exit door to the main area of your house, your door opens outward to the main area of your house.

The ambulance arrives.

You are loaded onto an ambulance,–being shipped to the hospital.

You spent days at the hospital, and your emergency contacts are there with you.

You aren’t able to use your computer because, you had broken your arm, and you had to dictate what to type onto your website with your friend, or someone that you trust.

You start to recover in some days.

Some webmasters aren’t able to access their own sites

This is the next challenge if you can’t type on a computer because, maybe you broke your hand, or you broke your arms,–or even you lost both of your arms caused by a serious fall that caused you to have some parts of your body amputated.

What You Should Do

If you are a webmaster who is susceptible to falls; always get yourself a alarm that will contact the EMS,–if you fell with a serious injury. And don’t forget to stock up with these items… such as diapers, a change of clothes; and other items.

If you are a webmaster who is concerned about safety at home, but you already had this unit,–encourage webmasters to get these units for their safety. This is useful for them,–if they fell at home, workplace, etc.

Never; reject a suggestion to have these life-saving units. These devices help save lives. However; a decision is yours!

Some Webmasters Has Been End Up In Serious Trouble With The Law

Some webmasters who were fallen are often arrested by the police department for serious crimes like; child cruelty, animal cruelty, rape, sexual assault, sex trafficking, wire fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, terrorism, providing material to terror groups, murder, DUI, arson, possession of child pornography, child endangerment, spanking, child abuse, neglect, and more. That’s how many webmasters lose access to their sites because, they are doing time behind bars, or in some cases, sentenced to be banned from the internet for a specified period. For example; a sex offender who owns a website is sentenced to be banned from the internet for 7 years, but the offender claimed that infringes his online rights, and he has sensitive users who relies on his service for making movies, and making music.

You heard of some famous webmasters who were involved in serious crimes were often spending time in prison. This is kind of having a webmaster leaving his website susceptible to serious security risks. However; if you had a secondary person who is in charge of updating your website, and paying the bills. Its up to you to keep your website in good standing. These website owners should avoid these criminal activities because, this is necessary to prevent a webmaster from being involved in serious crimes. Gangs, drug cartels, copyfraudsters, bank robbers, burgulars, hijackers, murderers, rapists, Sharia cops, ‘honor” killers, slave traffickers, corrupted cops, and other criminal groups are notorious for causing our society to be unsafe!

If a webmaster is released from prison… the webmaster may forget the following vital data to keep his/her website running:

  • Email
  • Passwords
  • Place where he/she lived
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Bills to pay
  • Access to computer or other electronic device

Some webmasters were ordered to be placed under probation with an ankle monitor… some of these site owners has been fighting to preserve their online rights, and a reform of our justice system. But many corrupted agencies, and government officials has been infecting our American society for years. ForceChange is the known petitioning sites that is designed to help change our world immediately! The EFF has condemned this practice of banning people from the internet as infringing, and unlawful.

Some Webmasters who own these sites often have their websites placed into an eminent domain because, it was linked to terrorism, and other crimes.

What You Should Do?

Avoid all criminal activities:

  • Never view pornography. That may result you to be at risk of downloading child pornography to your computer. If you suspected anyone distributing child pornography… report it immediately.
  • Never join any gang under any circumstances. If you suspected the gang is trying to force you in… call the police. The gang will be removed from our community. Most gangs are compiled with children, teens, and young adults.
  • Never facilitate animal cruelty… such as production of animal crush videos, images, and other sexual content that involves animals being crushed with a sexual manner.
  • Never facilitate sales of regulated goods and services,–especially alcohol and tobacco products.
  • Never facilitate trafficking of children, and women, SNAP benefits, drugs, meat products that are illegal, poaching animals, personal data, and other activities that involves trafficking.
  • Don’t spank! This is no prank! Children has MORAL RIGHTS too! In some countries… its even illegal to spank in any other way.
  • Never facilitate bullying schemes.

Some Webmasters Has Reached End Of Life

Many webmasters who left legacy sites on the internet. This is common for some personal sites where many of these contents stay out of date for a long time, and end up taking a public domain train to the world of public domain.

In common, many webmasters has implemented a bucket list of things before they die. This is common for people who were in hospisses, nursing homes, hospitals, and other places. For example; a webmaster who smoked lots of cigarettes has been left with cancer everywhere, and written a bucket list to encourage people to keep the site going. However; a website is owned by an LLC what he/she just started.

Many webmasters who were fallen may be killed by drunk drivers, murderers, rapists, and other criminals. However; some webmasters has committed suicide.

If for this instance… a notable webmasterwho cares about the environment has been killed by a drunk driver has owned a website since he/she is 18 years old,–running it for 4 years. He/She didn’t reach the 5th year milestone because, he/she was killed by drunk driver when she was driving home from work. His/Her website has over 1000 posts on it. But many of these posts were in the public domain with a donate button. However; he/she enabled her parents to keep a website going,–after she written many things on her bucket list,–before she was killed by a drunk driver. His/Her parents wanted a drunk driver to pay $200,000,000 in medical damages, and funeral costs. That’s why the next owner of this website has taken over this site to keep it alive, and started an LLC that reflect the victim of DUI who wanted to save our planet.

Some people who smoked lots of tobacco has died,–leaving their websites behind. Many hosting companies didn’t know their customers has died,–due to smoking. That is one example of a common loss of revenue when customers die from smoking tobacco.

Websites left behind by owners who died are common online.

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