[FAQ] Why Can’t I Own A Website If I Am A Sex Offender?

Wow! This is a question what many website owners who were about to host websites aren’t able to access the internet. A strict registry for sex offenders via a higher level are most likely to be restricted from internet altogether. This is a problem for many people who were about to launch websites. Typically, that applies to sex offenders who were released from prison, and try to change their lives to a different format. Although; sex offender laws vary from one country to the another. Internet restrictions and registry conditions are common, but they do infringe the rights of business owners who were sex offenders. Unfortunately, sex offenders who were business owners are restricted from internet access. Typically, the US government has a sex offender database that is designed to keep sex offenders at bay. If a sex predator has been involved in serious crimes like sex trafficking, a sex predator is usually banned from using the internet.

Many of these sex offenders who were upset because, they miss out these important instances when using the internet like filing taxes, reading online newspapers, paying bills, and more. Even owning websites is too impossible for many of these sex predators. However; if you have a lawyer, you may need to speak to him/her about these restrictions. If you were lucky to sue the government for an unconstitutional restriction; you can get your internet rights restored. Unfortunately, some states are extremely strict with their sex offender databases. Sex offenders who were banned from using the internet are often left in the dark,–all without any ways to keep up with friends, family, and other people. If you have a computer, and you were a website developer; you may need to have someone maintain your website for you. If this is the case; you may need to hire someone who will work with your website for you, and you must provide storage media that contains your data for your website like html files, CSS files, and other content for your website, be aware; depending on your condition of release from prison, or even probation, you may be restricted from using any of these storage devices. That may result you to only use paper to rough out your website code, and you must let someone host your website for you.

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If you were using Google AdSense… and you are a member of a car-free movement and tobacco-free movement… block these ads!

Although; your environmental website supports efforts to go car-free, but ads related to autos and vehicles are left unblocked, and tobacco ads are also left unblocked. However; you can block these ads to remove advertisers from promoting their products and services associated with their ads on your website.

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Hosting Magic: Use 2 Hosting Platforms To Diversify Your Websites

This is an experiment what I am doing with GreenGeeks and NameCheap.

Many people who rely on 1 hosting platform as their preferred hosting platform. You can use 2 platforms at once. For this instance; you run a VPS on one host, and a shared server on a second host. However; this is my experiment what I am currently performing.

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How Do I Run A Subscription-Based WordPress Site Targeted Towards Grown-Ups Without Sexual Content?

Okay, you have a general website that is a base website what you’ve currently run. However; you wanted to seperate 2 content types without effecting your audience who relies on your primary website. Well, there are 2 options when seperating content. However; you must be very careful when using certain hosting platforms.

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Ads In Text-Adventure Games & The Monetization Issues

If you were dependent on Google AdSense; and you only use this ad network. Your preferred ad network may someday break away from Google,–after they lost an antitrust battle. Although; AdSense is bought out by Google years ago, and the US DOJ is trying to break Google into smaller companies, just like what they did to AT&T years ago. If you were dependent on any other ad networks, and you have trouble placing ads in your html text-adventure game what you are currently creating. Consider using Revive Ad Server, this software enables you to diversify your advertisements via ad networks with a central portion of your website. If you were careful when monetizing your website; you can still use ad networks like usual.

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