What Should I Use My Ubuntu Computer For?

Okay, you just finally ditched Windows, and you are ready to dive into Linux. However; some people has came up with different uses for their Linux machines. That can range from game development to regular use of a machine,–including business use.

Currently, I am using my Ubuntu machine to work on my website, and develop gamebooks and other good things.

Although; some people don’t understand what kinds of things what you can do with your Linux machine.

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Is Ubuntu 21.04 A NightMare?

Okay, I decided to remove Gnome desktop from my desktop computer, and I decided to to reboot it, and what I encountered… is an issue with a screen-reader, Orca when just only using Xubuntu interface. That’s when I decided to reinstall Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on my desktop to revert to a stable LTS version. Well, this is necessary because, this is necessary for my machine to rely on these programs that are stable. However; I reconnected my FireFox account to sync my browsers. My laptop is still running a rolling release of Ubuntu, such as 21.04; and I am currently waiting for a next LTS version of this OS.
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Ubuntu Linux Magic: Use Relative Links In Your Text-Adventure Game Written In HTML

Okay, I am experimenting on writing text-adventure games in html, an easy way to program my text-based game by linking these pages together. I decided to use the “../examplefolder” method to jump out of these directories as I write my text-based game what I am currently working on. If you were making your text-based game in Ubuntu, and you linked your index.html file to prevent a directory from being displayed, a strategic way to prevent cheaters from cheating, this is key to make your text-based game too difficult to cheat, and make it easier for you to duplicate copies of your text-based games for your website.

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[FAQ] Why Should I Use A “Connect To Server” Functionality On My Ubuntu Computer?

Although; you host a website, and you are developer who develop text-adventure games like I do, and you were just wondering about why developing your games what you make must be uploaded to your server what you have account with a hosting company. Despite ease of use; you can easily upload your files in bulk,–without needing to upload your files through CPanel or other graphical interfaces. Typically, your Ubuntu machine, or any other Linux machine has this function out of a box. With Windows… you must find software to get this functionality.

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