What Happens If I Got A Custom Of Ubuntu Linux For A Long Time?

Although; many Ubuntu Linux users are just wondering what happens if you use Ubuntu Linux for a long time (as a long term user). Although; Ubuntu Linux is an open-source OS what I am still relying on… as a way to keep Windows out of my primary machine. Well, I still have Virtualbox installed on my Ubuntu PC, and I mainly use it for trying out other OSs as a way to help reduce the burden of reinstalling an OS. Despite using Ubuntu for 2.5 years; I am still a short term user of Ubuntu, and I am still getting the most from my Ubuntu computer.

Fortunately, I can still adapt to a newer version of Ubuntu as a way to help make my productivity schedule easy, and I can reduce the burden of installing anti-malware tools because Linux is stable and open-source. It takes me about 2.5 more years to fully become a custom to Linux, and using a terminal as a way to bring back text-based commands what I’ve really missed out for a long time.

Currently, I have 2 Ubuntu machines in my apartment, I specify how each machine is used. Well, I used to only run my Ubuntu computer for personal use… now, I am running my machines for business use by 75%. Only my desktop with a capability to upgrade ram can be used for business purposes like website management, book projects, and other uses. My laptop is only used for developing gamebooks on the go. However; I added my personal account as a user as a way to help sort my use of my machine. This is necessary to keep my personal account at the lower level of my machine. Typically, using Ubuntu as a long haul is key for me to have minimal amount of energy being used for RAM, and disks.

Thanks to use of open-source software; I don’t need to play commercial encrypted CDs and DVDs because, there are plenty of dedicated players that are capable of playing CDs and DVDs. As a prospective; I don’t need to play DVDS or CDs on my machines. All I have to do just use my dedicated devices that are capable of playing these kind of media.

However; missing out on playing CDs and DVDs,–even BDs is not a deal to me because, Ubuntu Linux and other Linux distributions don’t need that kind of proprietary software because, the idea with Linux is to use very less proprietary software. You can still make DVDs and CDs on your machine, but I prefer to use a dedicated machine for playing optical media. If Ubuntu computers have cartridge ports; I can make my own games from scratch!

My experience with Ubuntu Linux… I enjoy the most from my machine. However; my computer like this doesn’t need to play commercial optical media because, I prefer to code my own games, and use public libraries to stream movies and music (when needs are required). I usually use my time to code, just like we did with previous computers within the previous era. Coding your own software isn’t just fun, that can also save money… but you can still buy software later on. Having a Linux computer of Dream is necessary for me to be productive, and enjoy privacy out of a box.

With all of that ease of use, I am still exploring other pieces of software what Ubuntu offers out of a box.

Coding should be a focus with Linux, and like people who code games in Japan, we should do the same!

If we have 55% of Linux Users in the US, how much money will be saved?

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