Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Blocks Terror-Linked Countries

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy never tolerates terrorism. We are blocking terror-linked countries to protect our independence when running our website. If you were reading content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy in any of these countries linked to terrorism, you may experience an error message when trying to visit our website. If this is the case, you may need to find other ways to keep reading our content, or move to a different country where is free of terrorism.

Why We’re Doing This?

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has gone into an outrage,–due to corruption in the USA, allowing rapist to be left off the hook. We’re also been outraged,–due to rape culture that hasn’t been condemned by our modern laws around the world.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is blocking Islamic territories as a way to prevent them from censoring our content. This is also necessary to impose sanctions against these terror-linked countries,–preventing them from using our services. This is necessary to protect our independence as we keep hosting our content online.

Since Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has been launched as a freely available content; we have to limit availability to prevent us from being censored by these other terror-linked nations.

Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Sudan, and other Islamic territories will be blocked by the next time when Fairies Dreams & Fantasy continues publishing new content for other readers around the world who care about reducing terrorism.

Due to high visitor spam volume; we have to find ways to block off unwanted spam, and malicious blocking of our websites. If we can able to limit how many countries what we need to allow our visitors to visit from, we can protect our piece of mind, and keep producing new content.

Since Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Is Open To All Readers

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has been open for some years, after it was launched by me. This is my project what I have for a long time. I written stories that focuses on fairy culture. However; I have to block certain countries as a way to help prevent terrorists from using our website for the purpose of terrorism.

What To Expect

By late Augest; All Islamic territories will be blocked. This is necessary for this website to protect itself against unruly corruption, and malicious corrupted government officials around the world.

No blocked nation won’t be lifted from a blacklist, until terrorism and human trafficking is stopped.

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