Be Careful When Offering Free Downloads When You Run Your Own Store When Blogging

Many web-surfing visitors wanted free things from the internet, but many people offer paid downloadable content to consumers for any function like, plugins for website software like WordPress; or any forms of CMS. However; website owners has been targeted by software developers who held them accountable for copyright violations.

Right now, I’m experimenting on offering free templates for people who write text-based games for their players. Since I’m strategically offering free downloads on my online store for my visitors. I’m always careful not to offer too much free stuff because, if you had an add network account for monetizing content; you have to comply with their policies to stay in good standing.


Don’t Use Your Online Store To Sell Pirated Content

Sometimes, addiction to piracy can go beyond pirating content online. Piracy addicts often illegally sell pirated content as a way to make money. If you offered any of these contents that don’t belong to you for free on your website; this is not a good idea. If you wanted to offer downloadable content on your website, always create something unique like selling website templates for other users. You can sell themes, or you can sell frameworks for websites. This is common for some website owners who wanted a template to start off with. Many website owners add content to templates as their own content to serve visitors new content each day. If you make music, you can sell it too. However; if you were writing ebooks; this is the another way to make money, but you have to publish your content yourself.

If you were a fan of a movie what you’ve watch since long ago, but you wanted to be reseller, ask permission from an owner first, alternatively, if you have an Amazon Affiliate account; or something similar, you can opt for linking to a landing page of your favorite movie, and enable people to use your link to purchase this movie, and receive a small commission of a sale. You must disclose the purpose of the affiliate links.

You can also rely on affiliate products as a proxy to help yourself break your addiction to piracy.

If you intentionally pirated content on your website, the same way how FilesTube did, that can lead you to serious trouble, and that can lead you to having your website canceled and lead you to court for copyright violations. It also lead to lawsuits, fines, and even seizure of your devices,–unless your experienced lawyer has dismissed these charges/lawsuits. If you loss the battle, you can be end up facing legal issues.

Rapidshare is also a website involved in piracy too,–just like MegaUpload!

What You Should Do?

Don’t pirate content. Try to quit piracy.

Too Much Of Free Things Isn’t A Good Thing?

Sometimes, you have to offer paid content for your visitors on your online store. Free products are intended for ad-supported online stores relying on banner advertisements. If you were just offering free stuff, convert to paid content to start making money. Defeating the purpose of using payment gateways is not a good idea because, you need to make a little money to support your website and your production of content like an expert. Stripe, PayPal, Skrill, Square, Google Wallet,, Payoneer, and other payment platforms are here to help you make money with your content. Don’t just be a person who only rely on ad networks offering free content, they won’t take you anywhere. But people who start off with free content can pay for paid items later. As you offer paid content; you make money beyond ads,–useful if an ad network goes bankrupt.

It takes 1000 views of an ad with free downloadable content to reach $1 per 1000 views. It takes 1,000,000 views to reach $1,000;–depending on which ad network what you are using. Some ad networks who are reputable often have advertisers supporting your downloadable content for free. With paid downloads while an ad is still being displayed slows it down, but you make money faster than you can do with an advertiser buying views from you via an ad networks. CPC, PPC, and CPA ads work differently. If you still offer free downloads, and your ads don’t work, you won’t make any money. That usually happens if your ad account is wrongfully terminated, or a service has gone bankrupt!

If you don’t offer paid-content for your visitors, your payment gateways can go bankrupt, and it can be sad for some vendors who rely on them. However; if you are willing to rely on them, and reduce free content on your website, you can make a fair amount of money.

What You Should Do?

A decision is yours! Always find alternative ways to enable your visitors to support your website. Paid-products/services helps businesses thrive. If you kept offering free products, there’s no way to enable anyone to support your website. Ad-blockers are now popping up because, people don’t like ads at all.

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