Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium Has Been Launched!

I am proud to announce Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium on my website… this is an ad-free experience what I’m experimenting. And I finally got it working like normal.

I’ve been working on my project,–after I moved from shared-hosting to VPS hosting, so I can host my very own shared multi-author blog.

Why this site has been launched?

I decided to offer premium memberships, so my website can be monetized without any advertisements. This is important for some people who were using ad-blocking software/extensions on their browsers,–just like I do! Here’s what I just did:

  • Skipped adding advertisements, and implemented a paid multi-author blog for members to become contributors who can contribute to my multi-author blog.
  • Added Simple WordPress Membership to enable users to become members.
  • Implemented Stripe payments as an alternative to PayPal,–due to issues with PayPal IPN feature.
  • Kept the color scheme plain.
  • Kept the admin bar visible for users on this website.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium has no advertising… that means… you can enjoy writing lots of posts without being annoyed by these text, image, video, and other ad units. Guests can visit this site without these ads either because, they don’t need to worry about spying ads.

Thanks to Comodo… an SSL provider who offered SSL certificates via a VPS plan what I chosen. I can able to have a secure site without snooping spies spying on my users.

Since Google AdSense has been dictating which site they’re supporting, I decided to particially ditch AdSense by implementing paywalls. When I first relied on ad networks to monetize my websites… it was kind of a startup to me, but what I discovered; ad networks started to dictate which site should be supported by advertisers. However; you can support my website by becoming a member by going to premium.fairiesdreamsfantasy.com to help me beat these ad bots!

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