Chromevox Magic: Adjust Typing Echo To Character Echo Mode On Your Chromebook

Wondering why you experienced Chromevox stalling, and breaking up words… you can adjust typing echo to resolve this problem. Many people at Chromebook Central has this issue,–regarding Chromevox stalling.

Chromevox may have trouble keeping up with you typing on your keyboard. You can work around this issue by switching between typing echo preferences. Like other screen-readers… you can adjust your screen-reader’s typing echo by using keyboard shortcuts.

If you switch to typing echo via characters, its useful if you wanted to write lots of code for your WordPress Plugin. For example; you wanted to reduce your screen-reader’s memory usage by using a typing echo via characters. Some people has been struggling with Chromevox itself. Chromevox has been taking up lots of memory on some Chromebooks. However; adding additional memory may help, but the catch is… Chromevox still stalls and stutter out of nowhere.

Both versions of Chromevox still experience these issues. And most of these issues hasn’t been bothered for some years,–after I reported these bugs.

If you decided to experiment how far you can go with Chromevox… feel free to figure out how Chromevox actually stall.

You can experiment typing fast on your device to confirm if Chromevox is still stalling. I managed to reach over 6000 words on my post on my own website. My goal is to reach over 8000 words,–until Chromevox completely stalls like a train stopping with a powerful halt.

Code rot, software rot, and script rot is mostly common when updating screen-readers what needed lots of attention. if you were using Chromevox in the past; it used to work like it should. However; newer versions of Chromevox were susceptible to memory leaks, high ram usage, and taking up the processor power.

So, I decided to use my primary Chromebook to write long posts on my website. I use the typing echo to reduce memory usage. Like switching off some of these features… you can reduce Chromevox’s usage of memory. Alternatively, you can use a different computer that uses a different screen-reader.

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