Free E-books is the best way to start growing your audience

Starting with free-E-books is the way to start gaining audience who are finding some free E-books. Before you start monetizing your future E-books; you need to start off as free. Otherwise, your books won’t be recognized by some readers who might want to read your book.

Free E-books are the most selected books that are available to be downloaded by many readers who wanted to engage with your content

I haven’t started publishing free E-books just yet. But I’m planning on writing some free books for some readers who wanted to read my books. But I’m going the other way, and choosing to start off with priced books, then free ones later.

Free E-books are common for some vendors who are distributing your content to some readers. That is useful if you want to grow readership with your viewers who are about to read your book. Well, they will read some of your other books later on. If you published about 7 Free E-books; the more readers you will get.

E-books that are DRM-protected are most likely to be skipped by some viewers who are trying to go for DRM-free E-books. Cause DRM is subjected to be infected with malware; you have to protect your computers from harm,–even if you’re an author who is writing books that are DRM-free.

When to publish free E-books?

Here are some times when you need to publish free books for your audience who might be interested in the future:

  • You are a new author who started publishing books for the first time. Save earning money for later.
  • You are publishing public domain books.
  • You are just getting started with a self-publishing platform as an independent author.

Start off publishing free books,–after you signed up for any of the Self-publishing platforms, such as: Draft2Digital. Whenever you are writing a book about mice, fairies, or anything that interest you.

Whenever you are having trouble specifying a payment method; or you are just publishing free books for fun. You can able to grow your audience faster. If you are planning on pricing your books in the future, you can publish new ones, or set a price to existing ones later on.

New writers are most likely to start off as publishing free content for their readers who are ready to read books.

Are there any problems with free books?

The catch is; you’re not going to earn any royalties for your content what you’ve just published. But that’s not the case for some authors who just started writing their new books for the first time. They usually setup payment methods later on.

Free E-books are most likely to be read by others around the world with a high download rate. If your content is CC-licensed; they might be reused by other projects.

Books published via erotica should not be free, they must be priced over a $1 notch. That prevents minors from viewing content that is not suitable for kids. Most self-publishing platforms doesn’t allow most adult content because, they’re trying to keep their services clean, and free of other adult content.

If your free books are successful… start setting prices

Pricing your books can slow down the free E-books rate, but you might start your earnings stream, you can keep your free books free if you want, and start new ones that are priced with your desired amount. For the best results; plan your price wisely,–if your books is longer than 22 pages. At this case; for my books that are long as 77 pages; I’ll price them higher than $2 notch. If your book is longer than 200 pages, you might need to raise the price because, it might be a premium book what you’ve just written.

However; if you directly publish to certain platforms, check with their terms and help articles to see if you can able to publish your books as free books.

Keep in mind; some authors will publish a mixture of free and paid books instead. Big companies who publish multiples of books everyday might have DRM enabled,–even if you are going to grab a free book.

Your book might be popular overtime. All you have to do just focus on writing interesting stories that will give your readers interest. Don’t span the search engines. And don’t be fooled by these trolls.

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