GreenGeeks Magic: Write and Compile Your Own Interactive Fiction By Using HTML Files Without Scripting

You created an online arcade on your root website, or subsite via a subdomain… but you are on a shared-hosting service that is cheap enough for you. However; you need to be careful when you host games on your website… you can host a game on your site by creating interactive fiction games that are simple without graphics, but text.

If you’re not comfortable with programing via Java-script, or C++,–orany kind of a program codes… you can just link html files together, and you don’t need to add a text field!


The Trick:

Always start things off as a small project! Think about a simple game to ride a cat, or dog. Use your imagination, and be sure to test your game for possible bugs.

If you want to do this trick, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to and log into your account If you don’t have an account, just sign up for a new account.
  2. For shared-hosting services, go to “CPanel Login” button, and activate with a screen-reader of choice,–if you are a blind user. Shared-hosting is strongly recommended for blind site owners!
  3. Go to subdomains, and create an “arcade” subdomain.
  4. After creating a new subdomain, go to the folder that is linked to your subdomain, and create html files directly, or go to, and create these files. If you are using a Chromebook, create a folder on your computer, and give it a name. You need to store your files there,–so you can upload them in bulk, or start compiling offline. Any other computer will do!
  5. Always rename these file extensions to “html” because, this is necessary for you to test your compiled text-based games… I usually style my files to make it look like a DOS-like console.
  6. Always save often… this is necessary to preserve your files on your machine.
  7. If you are done compiling… test run your game, and confirm you don’t get any 404 errors on your arcade site.
  8. If your game is working right, and you are satisfied with your project… you may publish it to the web, and promote it on your main page of your online arcade.

Since html files are static files, you are NOT taking any resources. No need to create databases… no need to worry about hogging up resources… and you can cheaply host a large gaming site without a hassle of managing databases. You don’t need an install of WordPress to run your text-based interactive fiction games without scripts, but html files linked.

Text files consume very less bandwith. That can take millions of html files to raise up your bandwith limit of your web-hosting service. You can make your root site under construction when you plan on giving visitors to visit your website.

A Note About Using Chromevox On A Chromebook

Since Chromevox on a Chromebook is susceptible to stalling, and hogging up your ram, you may need to change voices, or use a light version of a TTS engine to replace Chromevox’s default voice.

Be careful when monetizing your arcade games. AdSense is notorious of wrongfully banning your account. You may need to find an alternative ad network, or sell downloadable games what you just made, and make updates on a regular basis.

Don’t place ads on doorway pages… make sure your games have enough content for your ad units to render relevant content for relevant ads.

The more visitors who played your game… the better your arcade site will be,–as long as you create new games for everyone.

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