Success: A Fraudulent Website That Cloned Green Geeks Has Been Pulled!

What a merry day it is! What a merry day it is. For days; Green Geeks management team has been fighting hard to take out that fraudster who cloned their site. Okay… if you don’t know what is… its a site that was established in India. It was distributing Green Geeks’s content at its hosting directory. As I checked this site for any possible updates to confirm if the site has been taken down via its directory.

I did a search via Google… I did the same search to confirm if this site who is cloning Green Geeks has been removed. Since this site has violated Green Geeks’s copyright, and their intellectual rights, that literally caused the hosting directory to go away.

As I activated a link, it generated a “404 not found” error page. That means their content is removed,–maybe via a DMCA notice, or a court-ordered request. That means, if they were the repeat infringers… they will have their account terminated from web-hosting services. And one you’re liable for cloning other people’s website; you have to owe them money for damages, and if you were a fraudster involved in a foreign country; you may be extradited to face a trial. If you were convicted of fraud… you will be in jail.

We finally got them! We have finally got them!! Now this fraudster has 2 strikes remaining. And there’s no “second chance” for a fraudster like this who cloned Green Geeks,–trying to steal your credit card info, your account info, and your websites.

Now all people can go to the legitimate website, Green Geeks to log into their accounts, and check if their accounts were intact. It’s always a good idea for all customers to change their passwords,–so their accounts can be safe from harm, and fraud.

Here’s What’s Successful When Green Geeks has finally took action immediately

Cloned site has poofed away like magic, but the domain with remaining content is still there.

Cloned content has been taken down by a hosting company who is hosting the domain, domain. Maybe a copyright notice is sent to a fraudster.

I can finally work with my website without any worries.

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