The 2016 Black Friday Cleanup

I’m proud to announce the new cleanup for Fairies Dreams & Fantasy!

This is the cleanup what I’m currently doing:

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy posts

Usually I tell fictional stories on my main site, but these How To articles are being murdged to the another site for the purpose of making this main site focused on fictional stories. This is important because, that enables people to read relevant content on a relevant site. This cleanup will be active during the end of November to December 31st. By the next time you visit this site; you’ll be reading more of these relevant posts, and all posts will be organized across the entire site.

The reason why these articles are being moved to the another subsite because of the following:

  • Make it easier to sort content. Unlike Blogger; this site what I’m hosting is going to be well-organized. That means I have to sort all content,–just like a library.
  • It works the best for some people who have trouble remembering which site is which. This is necessary for some people who have memory disorders, or learning disorders, or loss of memory.
  • News articles

    Some of these news articles will be murdged to to make more of the news articles focused on the news site instead.

    Editing posts

    All posts will be edited to resolve common issues with content what people has trouble reading. This applies to all posts on this entire website.

    Here are these common issues found on this website:

  • Posts containing content that is too choppy, or out of sync via storyline.
  • Broken links leading to common 404 pages via various sites.
  • When moving from Blogger… some people discovered duplicate content that hasn’t been resolved.
  • Due to Blogger’s flaws… some tags left on this site were NOT relevant,–resulting this site to be spammy in nature. The classic version of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is still on Blogger; but this old site will be standing, but this older blog will be cleaned up as well.
  • Stale ads causing some readers to steer away from these posts on this site.
  • Known removals of posts that were out of date

    Those are old tutorials that are out of date. However; they’re being moved to the new subsite.

    Uncategorized posts needed categories after these posts were rebuilt

    Most of these existing posts will be rerouted to their new categories. That means organizing content will be easier than using Blogger’s labels feature. Since Blogger doesn’t support setting up actual categories… you have to use labels as categories.

    These widgets will be removed to clean up all of the clutter of this website. This is necessary to help speed up this site to reduce load time for common browsers what we use everyday.

    Some visitors wanted to visit this site,–if the site loads fast enough. I enabled WP Supercache for my entire site. I’ve also configured cache to clear when necessary.

    Removing plugins that are hogging server memory

    Some plugins what I used earlier has slowed this site down. I removed some of these plugins that may be infected, or not worthy for my site. This is necessary to clear away all of the unwanted code.

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