Stutter… Stall… CRASH… Chromevox stalling and stuttering when typing in textareas with more than 4000 words

If you were writing lots of words on any kind of text-editing programs, or you were using a textarea on a Blogger blog, WordPress site, or Editpad; you may experience these problems. This is a common problem for Chromevox on all Chrome OS devices. Whether if you were a blind webmaster, software developer, or a writer who writes lots of content. This known bug can effect your productivity on your machine.

You thought Chromevox gets better during major updates of Chrome OS, or a Chrome browser. But overtime; Chromevox itself starts to break down. I defined this issue as “code rot”. That means; it’s sourcecode may be out of date, broken, defective, or it maybe infected by some malware hidden somewhere in Chromevox’s code. That lead you to any of these questions:

  • Why Chromevox is stalling when this text field has over 5000 words?
  • Why Chromevox itself isn’t fixed the right way what I expected to be fixed by developers?
  • I’m editing a post, or some code of my software, but Chromevox has stalled. What should I do?

If this is the case why Chromevox is about to break down, or cause you to struggle with your Chrome device, you might need to try using a different computer. Here is my analysis of this issue that still happens with Chromevox itself below. This table makes it easier for you to get an idea why Chromevox is stalling,–depending on Word Count:

4000 Words Susceptible to stalling
6000 Words Susceptible to stalling or crashing altogether
10,000 words Susceptible to stutter stall, or crash
20,000+ words Susceptible to crashes

Depending on your Chrome device, your device may be out of memory, or the processor has limitations.

Maybe Chromevox has been involved in false-advertising of their recent fixes to Chromevox itself; however… customers who experience this issue should report it to the Chrome OS team. If the problem still repeats; most likely Chromevox itself needs serious repairs.

The taller the text field is; the further processor usage what Chromevox takes. If you take over 50,000 words, and place it into the text field; you can tell if Chromevox is about to stall. This can be a recent problem what you’ve encountering with your device,–big or small. For example; you write lots of html codes, and you were a developer who develops websites for blind visitors who read your everyday content; and leave comments. You kept working with your longest coded file that reaches up to 1 GB in size. You were so skilled in coding lots of elements that are built to keep focus elements running smoothly with screen-reading software. You tested your site yourself, and you got feedback from your users.

Your screen-reader stalls, and halts; causing you to reboot your screen-reader altogether.

You reported an issue all right; but you waited for new updates to resolve all of these common bugs. You’ve upgraded the memory of your device all right, but your screen-reader still stalls. You have a different device, but it still stalls the same way.

This is why Chromevox kept stuttering, Stalling, and crashing:

  • The height of the post with over 20,000 words.
  • Memory usage.
  • Most Chrome Devices don’t have an alternative screen-reading software available; this is kind of a hassle for some users who wanted to use Chromevox as an everyday software for productivity use.
  • No legacy code reviews posted on Chromevox’s website.
  • There’s no setting to limit CPU usage, use online mode, or any other features that can reduce all of Chromevox’s bulky scripts. Such as launching software as a service, or dedicated hardware/firmware that will have it’s own speech engine built-in.
  • There’s no dedicated system that will NOT hog the device’s memory.
  • Cause Chromevox is considered proprietary; there’s no way to customize Chromevox with advanced preferences. That means; you’re actually locked with defective builds of Chromevox.

What You Should Do?

Always file bugs, and describe what’s actually happening.

Research why Chromevox is not doing it’s job what you’ve expected to.

Let other users know what is going on with your screen-reader, and launch a community about defective screen-readers that is causing our productivity to go down.

Watch out for any signs of false advertising of bug fixes for Chromevox. If you discovered false fixes; go to the ADA website, and file a complaint there.

Check for any product recalls, and software recalls.

Educate your community about defective screen-readers that is causing some issues with your everyday productivity.

If you can file a bug

Go to the Chromium website, and file a bug, or type Alt-Shift-I to open the bug-reporting wizard. And send your report.

Check for any updates on your Chrome device. Be sure to varify if your device is working correctly, or upgrade your device’s internal parts.

If your device is managed by a business; find the administrator to get help.

If you can’t file a bug

If you used a website, but not a wizard, follow the instructions as you file a bug.

If you still can’t file a bug

If Chromevox is severely damaged, and you have trouble filing a bug; you had an option to recover your machine; be sure to backup all of your files before you recover your machines; check with your manual for instructions.

If these suggestions fail; you need to bring your device to a technician to get it running again.

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