What To Do If A Website Developer Develops A Game That Instructs Anyone To Commit Suicide?

Although; this article is dedicated to help prevent websites with games that lead to suicides. However; Fairies Dreams & Fantasy will NEVER condone this practice because, games that end with suicide is illegal, and you may be end up in prison, and your website will be removed from servers. Blue Whale Challenge and other games that link to suicide needs to be banned from being hosted on any hosting platform like GreenGeeks, Bluehost, Dreamhost, and more. Unfortunately, loopholes has been exploited to circumvent anti-suicide measures. Also, in this article, we’re covering reasons why you should take action when you were a reseller or business owner who offer hosting services.

Be sure to share this article to all hosting platforms, so they can keep games that encourage suicide away from all internet users.

Your Customer Intentionally Develops A Suicide Game

If your customer is an individual, and you were receiving reports about a suicide game online; take the following actions to encourage your user to do any of the following:

Instruct Your User To Remove This Content

Send a user an email message, this is a first step when you prompt a user to remove content that promotes suicidal thoughts. If a user is writing a game that doesn’t prompt any suicidal attempts or any self-harming acts; a user may reply you with clarifying information about this game. If a user claims he/she is making a game that is educational, check if this user is providing educational content to prevent suicide from spreading.

If you believe this user is NOT creating a game that encourage suicide, but prevent suicide, most likely this is a “bad stop” on your server. Some users who don’t intentionally develop games that condone suicide. Instead; they develop games that encourage anti-suicidal measures to keep lives intact. If you’re not sure what to write to your user, I’ve created a message template what you can use in your email message below:

Replace the “_____” with your user, and other elements. You can personalize it with your extended message.

If a user don’t remove suicidal content what you’ve expected to; you have the right to suspend your user’s account because, you are enforcing your policies. Common websites who take action against suicide are Microsoft, Walmart, YouTube, Amazon, Scribd, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, and more.

You can also encourage other users to report games that encourage suicide by developing a form on your support website on your server.

Reporting A User To Law Enforcement

Inspect how does this game work, and have professionals inspect all content of this game. If it has instructions to do self-harm; archive the entire website as evidence,–if you were reporting a user to law enforcement. If prompting a user to remove content isn’t necessary, and you prefer to report a user to law enforcement, follow these steps when you were about to terminate your user’s account:

  1. Use a non-emergency number to contact the police department, or any law enforcement of choice to report a user.
  2. Speak to the law enforcement agents who were dedicated to hold individuals accountable for causing suicides, just like a developer of Blue Whale Challenge has been sent to prison.
  3. Keep all records of a user what you’re reporting, if a user has a mailing address that is a street address; law enforcement will find a user in question. When a user is found, a user may be arrested and a user’s computer will be seized as evidence, or an entire account linked to a hosting platform will be seized as reference material when investigation is active.
  4. Don’t terminate your user’s account just yet; you may need to visit court to discuss about a case of a website developer who created a suicide game that encourages suicide.
  5. If you have a lawyer with you; you may need to speak with your lawyer to help with your case. If you don’t have one; hire one who is willing to help. Typically, an individual who is arrested often finds a lawyer to defend him/herself against criminal charges, and other legal factors.

If this suicide game has been reported via news media, always take serious action to let the public know about your policies that needed to be changed, and easy to abide. However; policies do fail.

If a user of your website has been sent to prison; you may be prompted to terminate your user’s hosting account, and keep a copy of a website as reference material for future use by anti-suicidal measures.

If you wanted to prevent further attacks on your hosting platform in the future; follow these steps:

  1. Visit your support site at support.example.com; log into your control panel, and edit your TOS page, Privacy Policy page, Community Guidelines page; and other important pages.
  2. Create a policy page dedicated to prevent suicide games from spreading.
  3. Add as much details to your pages as you can. even an 8000-word page will help. If you were reaching for a 16,000-word page approach. If your policy pages contains a video about why suicide is bad for your life; add it! Even ad-supported videos can really help your website monetize your free content.
  4. Notify the rest of your users about your policy changes to enable them to take action against suicide games.
  5. Add a website or phone number to a dedicated website or hotline to help prevent suicide.


If you were sued for enabling someone to post suicide games, you may need to find a lawyer to protect yourself against lawsuits,–despite your policies against suicide games. You should also educate your new users about prevent suicide games from being developed.

If deaths has been linked to suicide games, and you believe your user is to blame; a user who is now in prison may face fines, and restitution up to $200,000+ for funeral expenses, and recovery expenses.

If you were still sued; prepare to hand over your money to victims,–of a court ordered you to do so. If you have a powerful lawyer; you can get this settled. However; your ability to keep your website running may be difficult.

Always employ other people who will work for your company who is dedicated to prevent suicide. Always have at least 22 employees who were designated to prevent suicide contennt from being posted on your servers.

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