WordPress Magic: When Writing Posts As Chapters In A Book… Use 1 Category

Wondering about these posts what I write as chapters in a book on my main site? Long before,–during the time of my content hosted on Blogger,–owned by google. I experimented on writing blog posts as chapters in a book. Writing a blog as a book is the another way of using your website as a online book what you are writing. Whether if you were just writing a simple fictional story, or a set of stories like a box of books. But some people didn’t even understand. If you didn’t provide categories to your set of posts, your stories won’t be organized as you expected to be organized.

The experiment

Writing a long post that is an introduction of this book. You can have an introduction long or short, but its your decision. You think about a story what you want to write, and share it to your visitors. Your visitors look for updated content that will interest them. If you were writing a story about a forest, and you were making an online book that will enable you to have readers read your book. However; you were just making a fictional story about a forest, along with why you should protect the rainforest, and our environment. When writing a long post… you begin your story with a forest, and sometimes you. You can say for example; You are riding your favorite rabbit along the trail of your favorite forest what you want to protect. You write a beginning of your series of your newly created book. But its NOT a book just yet. You think about the characters, places, and sometimes… objects. Like writing a book, you add more content as you begin to add ideas to your work, except of using a word processing program… you use your website in the cloud. But the cloud is actually servers hosted somewhere around the world. You save drafts as you build your blog. Or at the other hand, you scheduled your posts to be published on a later date. This is useful if you wanted to be a publisher who wanted to keep your visitors reading, and rely on time to automatically publish your posts. Its kind of like adding chapters, and publishing parts of your book what you’re writing.


Giving your category a title for your book is the most important thing to enable your readers to keep themselves within a subject what you’re writing about, or stories what you’re writing yourself. At this case, you titled your category, “My Favorite Forests”… because, you wanted to write a story about you protecting the forest what you visit each day, or week. You categorized each post with this same category. And each post contains over 40000 words, but you don’t have any images to illustrate your project. Not all books have pictures in it. If you kept writing longer posts on each chapter of your book; you can enable readers to go to the next post without any trouble. Thanks to WordPress’s design of their CMS; you can reorder these posts like rebinding your book with a 3-ring binder. But this website what you’re building has no binder rings, all of it is digital.

If you had an additional story to add to your blog, just create a new category, and give it a title. That’s how you can organize your posts like a book. But try to work with your starting project first, then go to the another one.

If you just use only one post to publish your hard work; your website will load longer, and you have to use decimal segments to break up your long chapters, try to keep your site running as fast, and don’t use up your server’s resources. If you have long posts that needs to be read longer, you may need to hide some widgets, and test your site for loading speed on all browsers. And unlike reading regular books that don’t require monitors to read; you need to experiment with your project as a way to keep your site running as fast as possible. Using a caching plugin like WP super cache can help you speed your site up.

To Do This:

Log into your WordPress control panel of your website,–if you had a self-hosted website/blog, and follow these steps:

  1. Create a new post, and give it a title.
  2. Write your content.
  3. Create a new category, and give it a title.
  4. Publish each post like a chapter book,–kind of like writing lots of chapters on your book.
  5. Tag your posts,–if you wanted to have some keywords that will match your posts. But don’t stuff them.
  6. If you had a new title, repeats the steps above.

Now you had these posts arranged like a book. You may need to convert your blog to sort your post via an ascending order.

CC BY-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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