Don’t Cry/Whine Over Your Content Being Used Under Fair-Use

That’s right! There are crybabies everywhere around the world,–crying over their intellectual property being stolen, causing their revenue to go down, and lose market value of their work. However, what critics are doing is fair-use… That’s what some people didn’t even understand at all. All of that whining and crying,–along with filing takedown notices doesn’t solve your problems; it makes it worse… one wrong move may lead your corporation susceptible to lawsuits, and corporate accountability,–and in some cases… forfeiture of your copyrights, trademarks, and even your trade-secrets. Once your copyrights are taken away from you, you can’t get it back! It doesn’t matter how big is your business is, or how famous your characters are,–or even how neat your content is. Fair-use doesn’t do anything bad to your business, your reputation, your revenue, or your assets.

Why these corporations are whining over their content being used under fair-use

Money doesn’t grow on trees! These corporations has been silencing fair-use everywhere on the internet. They can range from popular content-providers, cable channel networks, kids’ show creators, music labels, big content creators, big studios, toy-makers, and more. If you were just creating content for your viewers… you make money via ads on the internet, or TV, or even a local radio station. But you have to pay taxes in order to be in good standing. Real corporations should listen to people who were fighting for fair-use. According to the EFF… UMG has been involved in unlawfully censoring fair-use content on YouTube, a controversial video-hosting site that uses barberric copy-protection schemes that are built to ignore fair-use, and illegally monetize content that is uploaded under fair-use provisions. Using copy-protection schemes silences fair-use altogether. The Free-Software Foundation has condemned use of copy-protection as barberric, and unnecessary. Using copy-protection schemes is the known source of being a “crybaby”. Copy-protection schemes makes it worse. However; UMG is ordered by the court to put that content back online, and respect fair-use.

YouTube has been involved in neglecting users who were claiming uploads are conditioned via fair-use, but that video-hosting giant is busy unlawfully bribing these suspects online. This is a form of a corporate crime what YouTube don’t want you to find out. Google has failed to report these trolls to the law enforcement, and terminate these big content creators from their services altogether. Abusing the takedown system is the source where these corporate crybabies were present.

If your content is being used under fair-use, don’t cry over it! There’s nothing wrong with your content, your characters, your tracks, or your business. Sorry little one; you can’t be rich like this… you must pay taxes,–just like we do. Without taxes… your country what you’re living in will NOT work.

So, hush little baby! Don’t you cry. Just create something new, and don’t whine over your market values of your work, and don’t whine over your copyrights, trademarks, patents, or ay intellectual property what you own. All of that fraudulent takedown notices has lead you to serious trouble,–such as a time out of 20 minutes. Sorry little baby! Copyrights and trademarks don’t last. That applies to your work what you had for a century, or for years. When your copyrights expire… your content takes a public domain express train where content is free for the general public to reuse.

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