Fairies Fly High… But They Don’t Visit the Sea… Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Boycotts SeaWorld!

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is officially boycotting SeaWorld because, SeaWorld sucks! Fairies don’t go there at all.

This is the post what SeaWorld don’t want you to read.

I’m riding my Fairy, Annie in the sky,–heading towards Fairyland one night. I’m about to go back to camp. This is the long flight. We have to fly across the high seas. What we discovered; these dolphins has been stolen from the deep sea, including orcas, and other sea creatures. Well, Annie and I are not going to enter SeaWorld because, it’s a crappy place! Their parks has been criticized due to incidents found there. Annie said, “we don’t want to be end up in SeaWorld! We have to fly extra high to keep us from being fallen into sea. This is unsafe.” I managed to steer my fairy. But there’s something going on… I have to dodge these crazy ships that are trying to use that large tank to block the portal. “There’s no time to lose,” I said. Annie has flapped her wings to fly higher in the sky. But the crazy ship is still trying to get us sunk underwater. Although; Annie can blast from underwater, but she isn’t going to be screwed by this defective world.

Annie and I are flying fast as a jet, other fairies are trying to guide us out of the exit portal to escape SeaWorld’s traps. There’s no way to go into the sky, but we have to find the another portal. We discovered lots of orcas trying to escape, and really needed to break out of SeaWorld. And Go to the real deep seas naturally. “We needed help from these troops,” I said. Annie looks at the deep sea. She can see a submarine on patrol to stop these thugs from supporting SeaWorld. This navy-style sub that’s been modified is being operated by many activists who are trying to get SeaWorld to sink. Annie said, “stop the ship! SeaWorld is trying to steal us from the sky.” The activists has responded. They activated their secret trick to get the ship that was chasing us stopped. In my opinion; maybe these thugs has been laundering money,–to secretly finance SeaWorld. Dodging these rough storms made by these thugs is kind of like escaping from the flooding forests. Annie said, “these poachers are going to be arrested for their crime. They’re been supporting dirty coal industries. We have to be extra careful not to get on these ships. Since I don’t swim with orcas and dolphins, I rather fly in the sky. It’s kind of like flying in space for me.” I flown Annie towards the another portal to get out from the high seas. Four of these ships has failed to catch up.

Annie and I are flying towards Central US to reach the portal to Fairyland,–avoiding the portal to SeaWorld. They claimed they take care of their animals all right, but they’re actually wrong indeed! Who in the right mind to confine these intellagent sea creatures in small tanks with limited space? Annie and I can see sea creatures trying to escape from bad guys that are trying to bring them to SeaWorld. Annie: “These guys really need to be captured, but these activists at sea are chasing them down. And they had a secret weapon. They’re going to perform a sting operation, and haul all of these poachers to prison. If we can speak up for sea creatures, we can save them.” But these activists are already chasing them down, it’s kind of like a game of chase of some sort.

Annie and I are almost away from sea all right; but we have to pass all of the islands. But we’re getting closer to the portal. I tried to ride my fairy faster, but we have to take a detour to reach the portal. Annie: “SeaWorld is totally CRAPPY!! Fairies fly high… but they don’t visit the sea!” I replied: “You are right! You had the ability to fly. You’re the only one who can fly high enough to dodge the sea.” Annie: “My magic wand is able to transport us closer to the portal. If we can make it, we can leave SeaWorld,–for good.” I ridden Annie faster as she uses her wand to reach the portal.

As soon as we went through, we told the fairy queen about the issue,–regarding SeaWorld. The Fairy Queen said, “I’ve already boycotted SeaWorld! Their places are extremely crappy.” The fairy queen flies towards the other portal to block SeaWorld. Annie and I are still flying towards our camp what we just setup earlier. We’re just in time to upgrade our wands. All of the other fairies are also boycotting SeaWorld. They will not go their places at all. And they also canceled their schedule to arrive at their parks.

Annie and I are just having tarts as we upgrade our wands,–so we can use magic. For fairies, they can grant wishes. These villagers in Fairyland has wished to boycott SeaWorld because, they don’t want to go their parks either.

As the villagers are asleep; one of these fairies starts to grant wishes for all villagers. The magic whirls; there’s a giant POOF of magic, and fairy dust starts to whirl like a cyclone! The moon shines fragments of fairy dust. They show lots of colors in the dark.

As the villagers wake up; their wishes has been granted! Annie and I starts flying high in the sky. About 44 villagers chosen open-source parks because, SeaWorld is defective by design!

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has successfully boycotted SeaWorld,–for good!!

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