Strategic Branding For Your WordPress Multisite

Many site owners of all sizes has been figuring out to rebrand their site to attract new customers. You heard of some site owners who were figuring out a way to brand their site,–after they strategically chosen a domain. However; they’ve been figuring out if they need to stay with their brand for a long time, or redesign their brand for their website.

If you look around most WordPress multisites… some individuals or companies has chosen a brand that is still the same way,–after their site has been launched. For example; you are running a website where you host your own videos to keep yourself away from YouTube’s nitorious vague policies, and high levels of copyfraud. You strategically licensed your videos under a Creative Commons license as a way to keep your content open for your visitors. You had a self-hosted video site,–hosting your videos with your own way.


If you stick with your own desired brand you created from scratch (or from the ground up)… you are most likely to have users coming back to your website. In common, blind site owners has a text logo because, their websites don’t have images. That’s why blind site owners has the highest bounce rate on the web.

Common companies and organizations who strategically branded their WordPress multisites are, Peta, and other companies. Overtime; brand changing can steer away your users. This is common in most of our business world. In my opinion… if you change your brand overtime; your site or blog won’t be recognizable by your next visitors,–causing your bounce rate to go up as a flash.

However; I strategically branded my website as a way to make my site easier to find, but some people didn’t even understand, you should always think twice before you start brand changing. As I mentioned a change within my blog/site being rebranded. I stuck with this brand, and started to redesign my blog to handle lots of fictional stories what I write. If I relied on a third party blogging platform too much, I may need to switch over to a new host,–making my site look professional. That enables me to launch a wiki, a support site what I’m still rewriting, and a forum what I’m still building.

How did I strategically branded my site?

I think it up like a pro… I figure out how I can brand my site where I write fictional stories that focuses on fairies, dreams, and fantasy. That’s when I started naming my site to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy! I branded my site with this title because, its relevant to a subject what I’m writing about, I believe in fairies, I have dreams of fairies, and I write content that is fantasy-related.

There’s one site that doesn’t have a multisite… ForceChange is the known petitioning site to change our world. All contributors contribute to this website to start petitions, and spread the word about the cause. They do had a sister site, but its currently being developed.

Common problems when people rebrand sites are users not logging into their accounts, loss of ad revenue, rising hosting costs, bad ratings, and more. However; this is a common issue happening to current business owners.

Personal-based WordPress multisites are most likely to preserve their brands, and have more visitors who were coming back. By default, they’re immuned to brand failures. As you brand your website, its kind of like giving a title to your book what you’re writing. Your brand doesn’t have to be an image. If you were blind; just opt for a text-based brand, or logo. Some personal multisite owners may experience brandjacking attacks that can cause them to get their sites defaced. Cybersquatters are nitorious of hijacking domains. You heard of a news about a site owner who stole Peta’s domain, and created a site where this person is writing about eating animals, and wearing leather,–and hunting. Well, this parody site isn’t there no longer because, domain hijacking has caused this site to go out, and return Peta’s site back to normal. Most parody sites has a different domain than a real site. I don’t mind parodies, but you should always think twice before you publish a parody.

WordPress Multisites published by companies are most likely to change their brands overtime. Whether if there’s a new owner of a business, or a new owner of a website,–or a new owner of a platform as a service.

Everyday, new brands are created every minute. That’s the equivalent of filling all of the city buildings in 40 minutes flat.

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