An Advert Plugin Hasn’t Been Updated For Some Years… This Plugin Has Been Closed Because WordPress Guidelines Has Been Violated

If you were finding an ad-managing plugin that enables you to monetize your website with your way, and cut away a middleman? Advert was a plugin that was developed by Jeremy Norths. I stumbled upon this plugin when I was finding a plugin to manage my own ads. Typically; this plugin relies on PayPal; a prefered payment platform chosen by a developer. However; this plugin enables you to add custom payment platforms to it. It was advertised as free, and it doesn’t have premium features to pay for. I tried out this plugin, and it supposed to be updated on a regular basis.

As I took a look of the documentation; it doesn’t have any relevant articles available to get help with this software. Although; this software is open-source, that enables you to modify it.

Since this plugin hasn’t been updated for some years, this plugin was susceptible to being tampered by bad guys who turn old plugins to malicious software. This kind of a neglect is a common violation of the WordPress plugins directory. Maintaining your plugin what you developed for your users is important. You must fix bugs, close up possible security flaws, and update your documentation. Plugins that aren’t updated are most likely to be infected with viruses, worms, trojan horses, and other threats

If you were still finding other plugins to manage your ads what you host yourself; it’s strongly recommended to delete advert from your WordPress site, or adapt this plugin, and turn it into a new kind of a plugin.

If You Had An Advert Plugin

Follow these steps to remove Advert From Your WordPress Site:

  1. Seize use of this plugin by deleting banners, and other data. Be sure to alert your advertisers about a removal of this plugin.
  2. Deactivate the plugin by going to your plugins section of your website. Locate Advert, and click on a “Deactivate” link to turn it off.
  3. Delete the plugin. If you want to modify a plugin later; make note of the plugin’s code, and modify it via your staging website. If you were about to delete the plugin; be aware this plugin is no longer available for download.
  4. Clean up your entire website.

If you kept this plugin for a long time; you may end up having your website being infected overtime. Removing this software is a safe approach to protect your website.

If you were finding similar plugins to use to manage ads; always check if this plugin is updated. If you were brave enough; and you took extreme caution to protect your website; you can find a way to develop a new version of this plugin.

Why Did This Plugin Has Not Been Updated?

A developer hasn’t received enough donations, or a plugin has been marked as spam. There was no response when getting help with this plugin. If you were a plugin developer; you must listen to your users who reported issues with your software. However; neglecting your users is considered a bad practice. Although; building a plugin takes skill, and knowing of php and sql. Well, some plugins can have some coding issues inside, and a fix can solve this problem.

Other developers has strategically developed plugins for us. Simple plugins can be used for simple functions.

Plugin spam is a known problem within our WordPress plugins directory.

Today, this plugin has been closed, and it’s no longer available for download. But you can still find other ad-managing plugins for your website, or build one yourself.

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